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Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys

A conviction for a crime of violence could mean prison time. You lose your freedom and your civil rights, and when you get out the felony record follows you forever. You should retain the services of experienced criminal defense lawyer — an actual trial lawyer — as soon as you realize you are under suspicion.

At Flesch & Beck Law, we adhere to the presumption of innocence. This means that we approach your case with the intention of asserting your defenses, rather than the intention of pleading you guilty. If we go to trial, we will be ready to exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. If we do ultimately negotiate a deal, it will be from a position of strength.

Serious Defense For Serious Criminal Charges

Kevin Flesch and his legal team have handled the full spectrum of violent crimes, from misdemeanor assault charges to class 1 felonies. You can trust us to vigorously fight the allegations, whatever the allegations:

We have represented clients of every background accused of violent crimes, including juvenile suspects charged as adults.

Defense Representation For Violence Allegations

The prosecutor will throw a lot of charges and paint you as a callous criminal. We counter that portrayal and challenge the building blocks of the prosecution’s case. Our zealous defense explores every angle and every resource, including surveillance footage, private investigators, expert witnesses, depositions, witness accounts, character witnesses and your own statements to investigators. We likewise seek to quash prejudicial evidence such as jailhouse informants, coerced confessions, or the fruits of illegal searches and seizures.

If you have been arrested or questioned in connection with a violent crime, there is no time to waste. The earlier we get involved, the better we can protect your rights. In some instances, we can even intervene to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

Everything you tell us is private and confidential. For a FREE consultation with our violent crime defense attorneys, contact Flesch & Beck Law online or call 720-689-0322. We have offices in Denver and Englewood, and serve clients in surrounding counties of Colorado.

Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.