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Understanding Theft And Burglary Charges (And How They Can Impact You)

Stealing is considered a crime of moral turpitude — a reflection of your character. Colleges, employers, landlords and lenders are hesitant to trust someone who has been convicted of a theft offense or property crime. This is trued even for a misdemeanor conviction, and a felony charge adds the possibility of prison.

The criminal complaint may be unfounded or overblown, but the potential penalties demand that you take this seriously. The legal team at the Flesch & Beck Law firm represents the accused in Denver and surrounding counties of Colorado. We have helped many clients escape a conviction or minimize the punishment for theft crimes and burglary charges.

Denver Defense Attorneys For Property Crimes

Our criminal defense practice is devoted to the protection of your rights and the protection of your future. Aside from the frightening prospect of jail, you should be scared about the long-term consequences of a criminal record.

We have successfully defended clients on the full spectrum of charges:

  • Shoplifting and petty theft
  • Employee theft and embezzlement
  • Theft of services
  • Bad checks and forgery
  • Grand larceny

The charge of burglary is often misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily involve breaking and entering. It doesn’t necessarily involve stealing anything. Burglary is defined as unauthorized entry — a house or apartment, a garage or shed, a business or abandoned building — with the intent to commit a crime. If the property is occupied or the trespasser is carrying a weapon, it may be charged as first-degree burglary or home invasion.

Make The Best Of A Bad Situation

We have represented juveniles and college students with their whole lives ahead of them. We have represented respected adults facing allegations of theft, trespassing or destruction of property. Our mission is to avoid a conviction if possible or mitigate the fallout. We can sometimes negotiate a plea to a lesser charge or get charges dropped in exchange for restitution. In every case, we prepare for the possibility of defending our client at trial. If it comes to that, you are in good hands with our proven trial lawyers.

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Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.