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General Testimonials

Kevin and his staff were awesome

I had a legal matter that I needed to resolve quickly and I called several attorneys before meeting Kevin. He put me at ease right away. He did not make guarantees, but he was confident in what would happen. He did exactly what he said he would do and got the matter resolved better than even I expected.

– Larry

Great results!!!

I had never needed a lawyer before and was very unsure who to pick. I met with Kevin and he put me at ease and then did exactly what he promised. My case was resolved with fantastic results.

– Conny

Personal Injury Testimonials

I was injured and they paid

I was hurt when I was rear-ended and I used up all my insurance money on treatment for my injuries. I went to Kevin to get fair compensation. His office was very helpful, explained the process and then they followed through like they promised. I got my medical expenses paid and money for future treatment plus I got money for pain and suffering. I was very surprised by the result.

– Linda

Use Flesch & Beck Law for your car accident

I just finished my case with Flesch & Beck Law. I am very satisfied with the result. I was never looking to be a lottery winner, just to get the insurance company to pay me fairly. Early on, before Kevin and his team’s help, I was getting the runaround and quite frankly the claims rep was a jerk. They offered me 400 for my injuries when I wasn’t finished treating yet. In the end, we agreed on 100 times that amount. The process was smooth and I understood what was happening the entire time. I can’t recommend the firm enough. Great job!!!

– Maria

Really happy

I went to Flesch & Beck Law after hearing an ad on the radio. I interviewed several attorneys and Kevin and his staff made me feel the most comfortable. They explained the process. The car accident really messed up my life. I needed help with my medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We just got the case resolved. It was a long process, but I am very happy with the results. I would refer anyone to Flesch & Beck Law if they get in a car accident.

– Sara

Flesch & Beck Law took care of my case when other lawyers stopped helping

I was with another firm that dropped me after they didn’t get a settlement right away. I am so glad they did. I found Flesch & Beck Law and they quickly filed suit and fought for my rights. We were set for trial in April and we settled the case when the insurance company finally paid a fair amount for my long-term problems. I would refer Kevin and his staff to all of my friends and family.

– Dana

Very happy

I retained Flesch & Beck Law to handle my claims against someone who hit me last year. The insurance company was jerking me around and I was really mad at how awful I was being treated. Kevin met with me and he made me feel less anxious right away. The firm handled the claim professionally and their customer service was the best I have ever experienced with any law firm. The results have changed my life.

– Mary

Flesch & Beck Law knows car accidents

I was involved in a hit and run while driving for work. I was referred to Kevin from my workers’ comp lawyer. Kevin and his staff were great. The process was really confusing, but he explained everything and did exactly what he said would happen. I got my money fast and I am back to work.

– Valinda

Flesch & Beck Law delivered!!

I was in a terrible accident last year and I didn’t know where to turn. I called Kevin and he was upfront and told me how the process was going to go. His road map helped me through my whole process. The insurance company did their level best to pay as little as possible, but Kevin and his staff pressed on and got me a lot more for my injuries than I thought I would get. I still would like my health back, but the money certainly helps.

– Juan

Kevin did a great job!!

I had a personal injury case and I started with another lawyer and that lawyer would never call me back or talk with me. I called Kevin to get a second opinion and he was so helpful, I switched lawyers. I am so glad I did. He went to bat against the insurance company and finally got them to pay me more than I was expecting.

– Mandy

Criminal Defense Testimonials

Flesch & Beck Law rocks!!!

I had a DUI that I thought was bogus. I got Kevin and his staff on it right away. I never lost my license and he got the case dismissed at the motions hearing. Kevin told me what he thought would happen and he delivered.

– John

Flesch & Beck Law really helped me

I had two driving under suspension tickets pending. I thought for sure I was going to jail. Kevin was able to help me understand the DMV process, get my driving privileges back and resolve the two tickets so I didn’t go to jail and I can drive again. Amazing …

– Juan

Kevin can try a case!!!

Kevin handled my criminal case. The DA would not make me any offers and so we went to trial. The trial took all day, but Kevin made their star witness look incredible and like a liar. The jury came back fast — not guilty. Kevin was great in trial!!!

– Larry


I was very, very happy with the service I received from Kevin and delighted with the results. I certainly recommend Kevin to anyone who will need his type of service. I was looking at the possibility of losing my license and not only did I keep my license, but I still have points to spare! Delighted!!!

– Marc

Kevin is GREAT!!!

I just finished a case with Kevin and he and his staff were awesome. I got a DUI and I knew I was not guilty. I had been drinking, but I took a breath test and my BAC was really low. Kevin was able to get the DUI dismissed. I met with him and he made me feel assured he would get the case dismissed and he did exactly what he promised. I always had great response from his office.

I have not been paid to give this review and I hope I never need Kevin’s services again, but if I do, I know where I will turn.

– Richard

Fantastic results

I got charged with a DUI and I didn’t think the police officer should have contacted me to begin with. I knew I needed a lawyer to make the arguments for me. I interviewed several lawyers and felt comfortable with Kevin. He had to file motions and then have a hearing on the issue. His arguments were right on and the judge granted my requests. The case was dismissed.

– Wanda

Flesch & Beck Law is the real deal

I was on probation for a DUI and I got another one. I freaked out and called Kevin. He calmed me down and worked for over nine months and finally got my new case reduced to a reckless driving. I hate court, but Kevin and his staff really worked hard and never gave up. In the end, Flesch & Beck Law exceeded my expectations.

– Derick

Real lawyer who fights for you

I looked around for a lawyer for awhile. I met with Kevin and explained my case. We went to court and he got the case dismissed. He is the best.

– Jimmy

Very good lawyer, very good results

I was charged with DUI. I thought my life was over. Kevin met with me and really wanted to know what happened. After hearing how I was arrested, he thought the officer should not have contacted me. He was able to get my case dismissed.

– Ron

Great attorney

He was very helpful in my criminal case. He helped me stay out of jail. He is very friendly and I liked the people in his office.

– Criminal defense client