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Standing Up For You In The Face Of Assault & Battery Charges

Charges of assault and battery can seriously jeopardize your future, as convictions can lead to years of imprisonment, a criminal record and other long-term, severely negative consequences. Whether there was an intent to cause injury will be a key component of the criminal case, and having a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney arguing against the charges will make the significant difference in the outcome of the charges.

Types Of Assault And Battery Charges And Penalties

The nature of possible penalties the accused can face in the event of a conviction will depend on the degree of the charges against him, the level of injury caused and whether the accused has a criminal record. The following outlines the range of possible assault and battery charges that can be filed in these cases:

  • First-degree assault and battery charges, the most serious level of these charges, are a class 3 felony and can involve prison sentences of 10 to 32 years. Typically, these charges are filed when a deadly weapon is used with an intent to cause injury to another person and/or there is an intent to injure a working law enforcement official.
  • Second-degree assault and battery charges, a class 4 felony, can carry a prison sentence of five to 16 years.
  • Third-degree assault and battery charges, which are generally misdemeanor charges, can send convicts to prison for as many as two years.

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Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.