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Common Myths About Auto Accidents


As seasoned personal injury attorneys in Denver, Colorado, we have seen and heard it all at Flesch & Beck Law . Our clients often come to us feeling confused on the legal information that they have found online or heard from friends. We are committed to providing the clear, accurate information that will help them make important decisions during a challenging time.

If you have been injured in a car accident, or someone you love is recovering after an accident, contact our law office to set up a free consultation. We can provide you with the information you need regarding your specific case. Our goal is to advocate for you and get you the compensation that you both need and deserve.

In the meantime, we want to clarify some of the top myths and misconceptions about traffic accidents.

MYTH: The insurance company you’re dealing with will be reasonable and fair, so you don’t need an attorney.

Fact: Even though you’ve faithfully paid your premiums all these years, that doesn’t mean the insurance company will look out for you. On the contrary, they have their own bottom line to look out for — which means delaying, denying and underpaying as much as possible. The lowball settlements they offer likely won’t come close to covering your costs. Thus, hiring legal counsel — an attorney who will put your interests first — is your best option for dealing with insurance companies.

MYTH: All personal injury attorneys are created equal.

Fact: Not every personal injury attorney will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to. You need to hire a personal injury attorney who is educated, experienced and committed to the practice of personal injury litigation. At Flesch & Beck Law , we not only have the experience and knowledge to handle even the most complex accident cases, but we also have the dedication to go the extra mile.

MYTH: A recorded statement for the insurance company is mandatory.

Fact: Insurance companies are known for pressuring people into making recorded statements. But you don’t have to give one — and, in fact, you shouldn’t — especially if you haven’t yet sought advice from an attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for using these statements to delay, deny or limit payouts.

MYTH: You will automatically get the compensation you need after an accident.

Fact: Even if you are handling the case yourself, you will be negotiating a settlement with the insurance provider. The insurance company may have teams of attorneys working hard on their behalf to minimize the amount of money you receive. Try deal with them on your own, and you may end up with far less money than you need.

MYTH: Insurance will automatically cover all of your medical bills.

Fact: Getting coverage for accident-related medical bills can be complicated. If you have Med-Pay (which is mandatory unless you opted out), you have $5,000 or more available on an as-needed basis to cover medical expenses, regardless of who was at fault. However, the medical costs for most substantial injuries will far exceed that amount. Who covers the rest? It depends on who was at fault. Also relevant are the policy limits and other case-specific factors.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, the most important thing you can do is contact one of our personal injury attorneys immediately. Don’t wait until after your recovery or until the dust has settled. We are here to help you get the health care you need and to assist you during this challenging time.

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