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Our Catastrophic Injuries Lawyers Go The Extra Mile For Denver Clients With Serious Injuries

Sometimes no surgery, rehab or amount of time will cure an injury. The victim’s life will never be the same, and the whole family is affected. A disabling or disfiguring accident takes a physical, financial and emotional toll, but the insurance companies will not willingly pay what such a claim is worth.

Flesch & Beck Law is committed to maximizing compensation for serious and permanent injuries. We make sure clients get good medical care to recover as fully as possible. We project lost income and financial needs for years into the future. We will hold the negligent party accountable for your suffering and diminished quality of life. We provide constant communication and support to victims and families throughout the legal process.

Comprehensive Compensation For A Life-Changing Accident

Our Denver litigation firm has recovered notable verdicts and settlements across Colorado for major injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, dangerous property conditions, medical negligence and other circumstances. Trial lawyer Kevin Flesch and his team invest the time and resources to go beyond a quick but meager settlement. The insurance companies and defense lawyers know that we will hold out for full damages even if we have to take the case to a jury.

We have handled cases for permanent and catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Broken bones and crush injuries
  • Facial trauma and scarring
  • Eye injury
  • Severe burns
  • Organ damage
  • Fatal injuries

Our firm will help you connect with good doctors and support organizations. We will communicate with the insurance adjusters and defense lawyers on your behalf. We will closely track your medical treatment and medical progress so that we can gauge future needs such as surgery or assisted care. We work with life care planners, economists and other professionals to calculate economic damages, and we work with clients and family members to understand the limitations and impact on daily living.

Serious Spinal Injuries Deserve Serious Compensation

Back and neck injuries are painful and scary. They affect your entire body and therefore your whole life and your family. The Colorado personal injury attorneys of Flesch & Beck Law have experience advocating for those who have suffered neck and back injuries, including spinal cord injuries resulting in permanent paralysis.

Proper diagnosis and treatment are critical to prevent further damage and to make sure you heal as fully as possible. A person who is paralyzed may need nursing or assisted living care, as well as home and vehicle modifications. Other spinal injuries may require extensive rehab, surgery, pain medications or medical equipment. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer makes a big difference. We won’t bite on the insurance company’s offer to settle the case quickly for a low amount.

We are skilled at establishing liability and insurance coverage for the considerable economic impact. We coordinate closely with clients and their family members to detail the care needs and the effect on quality of life. We are ready to fight for your full and fair damages, and if necessary, we will take the case to a jury to get the full value for your injury claims.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Change Your Life

Some serious accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that severely impact the rest of your life. The effects on victims can be devastating, and depending on the accident’s severity, the symptoms can result in long-term health conditions.

Traumatic brain injuries include concussions, skull fractures, brain contusions, penetrating injuries and brain injuries acquired after the initial impact of the accident. Often, victims of TBIs suffer from symptoms that get in the way of living a normal life, including struggles with vision, hearing and speech, headaches, dizziness and memory problems.

If you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, no compensation can make up for what you have lost. Still, we can help you fight for fair compensation for your suffering. We are here to take over the legal details so you can focus on getting your life back.

Any Accident Could Cause A Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries can occur due to any serious accident or negligence. They can happen when you are hit by a drunk driver or treated by a doctor who makes a serious mistake.

Some of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical mistakes and malpractice
  • Construction accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Sports accidents
  • Defective medical devices or drugs

These types of accidents are often preventable with proper precautions and happen due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. At Flesch Law, our catastrophic injury attorneys have seen catastrophic injuries from various causes and understand how these injuries can result in life-long struggles for victims.

Frequently Asked Questions About Catastrophic Injuries

When you or your loved one suffers from a catastrophic injury, you may feel overwhelmed by information and the changes in your life. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about catastrophic injuries that we get from our clients.

Are catastrophic injury claims different than personal injury claims?

Both personal injury claims and catastrophic injury claims are handled in a similar way by attorneys, but catastrophic injury claims come with higher stakes and sometimes more challenges. When you suffer from a catastrophic injury, your injuries likely require more medical treatment, and the costs add up.

What compensation can I receive for my catastrophic injuries?

Like a personal injury claim, you can recover for your medical expenses, lost income, future earnings and damages for pain and suffering. The damage amounts will likely be more due to the nature of the accident and your injuries.

Do I need a lawyer for my catastrophic injury claim?

Hiring an experienced catastrophic injury attorney can make a huge difference in your case. Our lawyers have experience getting the proper evidence and negotiating your right to compensation. You have a higher chance of success when you work with an attorney. Also, you should be focusing on your recovery. These claims can be stressful; let us handle your legal details.

How long do I have to file a catastrophic injury claim in Denver?

In Denver and throughout Colorado, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit after an injury.

You Should Focus On Getting Your Life Back On Track

We are here to take care of the legal details so that clients can focus on their health and personal matters. We provide a free initial consultation and you owe no attorney fees unless we obtain damages through a settlement or jury award.

We have offices in Denver and Englewood, and we can make home or hospital visits. Call Flesch & Beck Law at 720-644-8901 or complete our online form to talk to a lawyer experienced with serious and catastrophic injuries.

Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.