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The Legal Boundaries Of Medical Marijuana In Colorado

While marijuana is still illegal according to federal drug statutes, Colorado – along with 15 other states and the District of Colombia – has recently passed laws to partially decriminalize the growth, sale and use of medical marijuana within the state. According to Colorado medical marijuana laws:

  • Patients must possess a state-approved medical marijuana registry card in order to purchase and use medical marijuana, and they cannot possess more than two ounces or six marijuana plants at any given time. Additionally, patients are not allowed to use medical marijuana in public (as doing so could subject them to criminal charges and up to 15 days in jail).
  • Dispensary owners must be licensed by the state and are only allowed to sell to patients with medical marijuana cards in cities or counties in which the sale of medical marijuana has not been banned.
  • Growers must be licensed by the state, can only grow a limited number of plants and will likely have to have 24/7 video surveillance of their growth operations.

Despite these Colorado medical marijuana laws, however, all too often, law enforcement officials disregard these laws and go after patients, growers or dispensaries. In such cases, it’s crucial to have an experienced marijuana defense lawyer on your side in order to minimize the chance of conviction and prevent the charge (and possibly even the original arrest) from appearing on your criminal record.

Without the help of an experienced lawyer you could face:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Probation
  • Expensive fines
  • Permanent marks on your criminal record
  • Court-ordered rehabilitation or education courses
  • Far-reaching social penalties, which may include loss of government benefits, as well as permanent damage to your career, reputation and family

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