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There is no way to prepare for a serious accident with injuries, but you should not have to pay out of pocket for another person’s wrongdoing. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer should be your top priority.

At Flesch & Beck Law, our entire team is on your side every step of the way. We provide dedicated representation for injury victims throughout Denver, CO. Our lawyers have decades of combined legal experience handling even the most complex cases. If you were injured because of another person’s wrongdoing, contact our office at (303) 806-8886 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Get the Experienced Representation You Need for a Successful Outcome

We represent people throughout Metro Denver and the Front Range in a wide variety of personal injury claims.

We Know The Stakes. We Know What It Takes.

What is at stake varies by degrees, but your rights and freedom are certainly under threat. Without a solid defense lawyer representing your case, your criminal record and your future are likely to take severe hits.

Jail or prison time may be a real possibility. You could lose your job, driver’s license, gun rights and child custody/visitation rights. Your future career opportunities, housing applications and loan applications will hit hard barriers if you are convicted.

What Does It Take To Minimize The Penalties You Face?

It takes skilled criminal defense attorneys who have taken hundreds of cases to trial in Metro Denver. It takes personalized representation and a thorough investigation of your particular case. Our lawyers are very good at spotting problems with the evidence against you that will help to defend your case.

We believe in the presumption of innocence, and we hold the police and prosecutors to that high standard.

Our Job Is To Protect You. We Take Our Mission Seriously.

At Flesch & Beck Law , our team strives for the best possible outcome, whether by plea agreement or by way of a judge or jury. We serve Metro Denver, Arapahoe County, Adams County and Jefferson County with offices in Englewood and Denver.

Our attorneys provide FREE, no-obligation consultations, usually the same day. Call us at 303-806-8886. We are available by phone 24/7.

Our Job Is To Protect You. We Take Our Mission Seriously.

With over 20 years of courtroom experience in Colorado, we create leverage in a system stacked against the accused. We are familiar with the local district attorneys and how they operate. We know the judges and their tendencies. We have a solid record of results, including dismissals, motions to suppress, pretrial agreements and not-guilty verdicts.

We will go all the way to trial for you, if necessary, with a fully developed strategy. At every stage of the process, we are the proven professionals you need when you are fighting for your freedom and your future.

Our team can help you secure your best possible outcome in any criminal defense case, including:

Damages in a personal injury claim may include but are not limited to:

We also offer professional services to help you navigate a host of other related criminal matters, such as sealing of records, probation violation, bail bonds, warrants and crimes committed by military personnel.

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Consultations with our attorneys are FREE, and we are available 24/7. Please call us at 303-806-8886, or email our team to speak with an attorney.

You Still Have Questions. We Have The Answers.

Our attorneys serve clients throughout the Colorado Front Range from offices in Denver and Englewood. We are available by phone 24/7, and we would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation about your unique situation. Please call our firm at (303) 806-8886.

Get started with a superior representation that comes with a personal touch. Our team handles cases in the Denver Metro Area and throughout Colorado. Please get in touch with us today, either by phone or online. We look forward to speaking with you.

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