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How To Handle Domestic Abuse Charges

When police are called to a domestic dispute, they are typically bound by policy to arrest one or both parties. It is traumatic and humiliating to be hauled away to jail, and then to have no home to come back to. Even more unsettling than the arrest is that the district attorney can bring criminal charges even when the alleged victim has recanted or denied the initial claim of threats or violence.

Domestic violence charges can lead to harsh criminal penalties, including jail, a criminal record and loss of gun rights. There can also be drastic ramifications for divorce and child custody proceedings or any hope of reconciliation with the spouse or partner. Lastly, the protection order can isolate you from your children and family or trigger additional criminal charges if you are accused of contacting or stalking the victim.

Putting The Brakes On Domestic Violence Charges

Time is critical if you are in this situation. The criminal defense team at Flesch & Beck Law can intervene to assert your rights and strategize your defense. We will not let you be railroaded or excessively punished. We make sure that you get due process, including the opportunity to refute the charges and tell your side of the story.

Our firm has vast experience defending clients in domestic violence cases in Denver, Englewood, the South Metro and surrounding counties of Colorado. We will raise your affirmative defenses and mitigating circumstances, including:

  • Provocation, self-defense or mutual assault
  • Contesting the degree of injury
  • Defense of property
  • False allegation to gain leverage in family court
  • Motives of jealousy, anger or revenge
  • Intoxication of the victim or both parties

Domestic violence charges are not exclusive to husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend or other romantic relationships. Per statute, anyone who shares a household relationship with an individual – including roommates, in-laws, siblings, parents and other family members – may accuse or be accused of domestic violence.

Time Is Critical If You Are Facing Domestic Violence Charges

We know that you are reeling from events and scared of what will happen next. But the quicker you deal with the situation, the better your chances of emerging from this ordeal without harsh sanctions.

Our attorneys are equipped to provide the strong and swift defense you need. Contact Flesch & Beck Law online or call 720-689-0322 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with experienced domestic abuse lawyers.

Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.