Growing And Selling Marijuana In Colorado: Understanding The Legal Landscape

While Colorado medical marijuana laws have set up a framework for the partial decriminalization of marijuana within the state:

  • These laws are still in their infancy, meaning that they often do not clearly define how grow houses should be operated, how growers are required to conduct business with dispensary owners, etc.
  • There are a number of new laws in the works, which could change the nature of how growers are expected to operate their grow houses. For example, one bill currently in the Colorado Legislature is attempting to require that grow houses have 24-hour video surveillance of grow operations.
  • Federal drug laws still criminalize the use, growth and distribution of marijuana, and federal laws trump state laws. This means that marijuana growers in the state can still face federal prosecution for operating grow houses.

The result of such ambiguities and ongoing legal conflicts is that growers who may be operating medical marijuana grow operations in accordance with Colorado laws could be the targets of state and/or federal criminal charges. In the event that growers are charged with marijuana crimes, it’s critical that they work with an experienced Denver medical marijuana defense lawyer for growers so that:

  • Their rights are fully protected
  • They are able to mount a formidable defense
  • They have the best chances of getting the charges against them reduced or, when possible, dropped entirely

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