Why We’re Equipped To Help You Tackle Serious Kidnapping Charges

Being charged with kidnapping or false imprisonment is extremely serious in nature, as the most grave charges coupled with a poor defense can result in a lifetime in prison or even the death penalty.

Kidnapping And False Imprisonment Charges In Denver

In Colorado, the primary difference between kidnapping and false imprisonment is whether the victim was moved (i.e., while kidnapping involves transporting a victim – even very slightly, as in to a house next door, false imprisonment is associated with confining an individual within the location where he or she is). At times, another possible difference between these charges can be that kidnapping generally involves using the victim to extort money or other valuables, while false imprisonment does not necessarily involve this component.

Despite their subtle differences, however, kidnapping and false imprisonment charges are both complicated, as the nature of the charges filed (i.e., the degree of the felony) will depend on whether any of the following allegedly played a role in the case at hand:

  • Domestic violence or violations of restraining orders
  • Use of the Internet to lure a minor
  • Sexual assault, including sexual assault of a child
  • Use of an illegal weapon (or threatening use of a deadly weapon) to gain control over the victim
  • Whether the victim was recovered alive before an arrest or conviction

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