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Were You Seriously Harmed By Medical Malpractice?

Physicians, surgeons and nurses have advanced training and follow specific protocols. This is for the patient’s benefit and safety. When medical professionals deviate from standard practices, take shortcuts or act impulsively, they can cause severe and irreparable injury.

Not every bad outcome or medical error is malpractice. There must be clear negligence and significant harm. The Denver medical malpractice attorneys of Flesch & Beck Law can determine, at no cost to you, whether you have a viable claim. Contact us without delay so that we can analyze the medical records and preserve your right to bring legal action.

We Handle Medical Negligence Claims In Metro Denver And Throughout Colorado

Despite all the technology and body of knowledge, diagnosis and treatment are imperfect sciences. Doctors and nurses are human. But there is a difference between an honest error or harmless error and unforgivable carelessness that causes lasting injury or death.

A successful medical malpractice lawsuit usually involves a “never event” — an error or accident that should never occur and would not have occurred if the medical team had adhered to the accepted standard of care. Did something like the following happen to you or a loved one?

  • Surgery error — Wrong body part, object left inside the patient, severed nerve, perforated bowel, anesthesia overdose, unnecessary procedure
  • Failure to diagnose — Delayed diagnosis of cancer, failure to identify heart attack, stroke, sepsis, blood clots or other life-threatening conditions
  • Medication error — Wrong drug, wrong dose, known cross-reaction or drug allergy
  • Medical devices — Surgeon error in implanting vaginal mesh, artificial hip joint, etc.
  • Hospital negligence — Lab error, failure to monitor, premature discharge, negligent hiring

Our experienced lawyers gather the relevant medical records. These may include records relating to a pre-existing condition, records from the allegedly negligent provider, records from following providers who had to fix the damage, and records that establish lost wages, future medical care, and pain and suffering.

In Colorado, you cannot bring a medical lawsuit unless a doctor in the same field of medicine attests that the provider deviated from the standard of care. We have a medical service that reviews the records for us to determine if there may be an actionable malpractice claim. If your case has merit, we will invest in medical experts and other resources to conduct a full investigation and pursue fair compensation.

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