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Caught Driving With A Suspended License?

Whether or not you know that your license has been suspended, being pulled over and caught driving on a suspended license can lead to charges of ” driving under restraint,” which can carry some serious penalties despite the fact this is a misdemeanor charge. In order to avoid a possible criminal record, longer terms of license suspension and maybe even jail time, it is critical that those facing driving under restraint charges consult with an attorney to discuss their case.

Driving Under Restraint Penalties

First-time offenders face the following penalties for driving under restraint:

  • Five days to as much as six months in jail, depending on the facts of the case

  • A mark on your criminal record
  • A fine of $50 to $500

Second convictions of these charges within five years of the first conviction can cause a license suspension of at least three more years, in addition to jail time, fines and another mark on your criminal record. While driving under restraint charges can be frustrating, they can also cause you to lose your job and have to depend on unreliable public transport or the kindness of friends/family to drive you around.

For the best chances of protecting your driving privileges, your freedom and possibly even your job, contact our Denver traffic attorneys to learn more about your legal rights. For a FREE, no-obligations evaluation of your case, contact Flesch & Beck Law today by emailing us or calling 720-689-0322.

Verdicts And Settlements

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