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Answers To Common Criminal Defense Questions In Denver, Colorado


Criminal charges, the possible consequences and the criminal law process are rarely straightforward and never in the defendant’s best interests. The system is stacked against you. Without dedicated legal counsel from a Denver criminal defense attorney, your worst case scenario is almost certain. You need much more than a public defender to protect your future.

You need answers. You need a lawyer who can minimize the consequences you face while fighting to win. Our lawyers know the judges, prosecutors and legal systems in Metro Denver and surrounding counties. We will provide you with answers and the dedicated representation necessary to achieve your best possible result.

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Common Criminal Law Questions And Answers

Q: Do I Need A Lawyer If I’m Going To Plead Guilty?

A: You will be in a stronger position to plea bargain if you have a skilled Denver defense lawyer. You may be thinking there is no way out and that you should just take the first plea bargain deal offered by the prosecution. Think about the rest of your life before you agree to anything with the prosecution.

A defense lawyer working in your best interests can manage all negotiations with the prosecution and help you evaluate all of your options, of which a plea bargain may not be the best. The prosecution may not have enough evidence for a guilty verdict, making a plea bargain just a tactic designed to persuade you to play right into the hands of the prosecution. Contact Flesch & Beck Law to get a skilled and proven criminal defense attorney immediately.

Q: What Is A Plea Bargain?

A: A plea bargain is essentially a guilty plea to a lesser charge or reduced consequences. It’s not the best option for everyone, but it may be a reasonable option, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Prosecutors in Denver and surrounding counties know that defendants typically jump at the chance to plea bargain if the evidence for conviction is strong. However, you should not be evaluating the evidence against you alone.

If the prosecutor offers you a plea bargain, speak with an experienced and resourceful criminal defense attorney right away. You can usually get a better deal than the prosecutor’s initial offer, or we can convince the prosecutor to make a good offer if one is not on the table yet. Do not agree to anything with the prosecution without a tough and winning defense attorney as your legal representative.

Q: Do I Need A Defense Lawyer If I’m Innocent?

A: The prosecution will do everything in its power to prove your guilt, even if it is abundantly apparent that you did not commit a crime. Prosecutors are after convictions, not fair and balanced justice. Without a determined, proactive criminal defense lawyer in your corner, your rights and freedom are in grave danger.

Even accusations of a serious crime or an arrest on your record can tarnish your reputation, damage your child custody rights, lead to job loss and involve significant expense. All consequences can be mitigated with strong legal representation. We will fight to protect your freedom, reputation and future.

Q: Do I Need A Defense Lawyer For A DUI In Colorado?

A: Even a first-time DUI offense is serious. You may think this is just a misdemeanor and you have no options, but the reality is much different. A DUI conviction in Colorado comes with a nine-month license suspension and 12 points against your driver’s license. You also get a misdemeanor conviction on your record, a fine up to $1,000, court costs up to $500, public service time up to 96 hours and jail time up to one year.

In Colorado, facing DUI/DWAI without a lawyer will damage your future in several ways and may make employment difficult to maintain. It will cost you thousands of dollars more over a lifetime. Depending on the charges and how many DUI/DWAI convictions you have had in the past, it could cost you thousands of dollars more and irreparable damages over just the next few years or months.

You need a proven Denver criminal defense lawyer to defend you against any DUI or DWAI charge. At Flesch & Beck Law , we can secure your best possible result and protect your future.

Q: Am I Automatically Guilty Of DUI If I Blew .08?

A: Nothing is guaranteed. Breathalyzers are not entirely accurate and can be defective, making test results unreliable. No matter what you blew or what happened, you are never automatically guilty.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will negotiate with the prosecution, present you with good options, minimize the consequences you face and fight for your rights.

Q: Can The Consequences Of A Drug Crime Conviction Be Reduced In Colorado?

A: First, stop thinking in terms of conviction. You have only been charged with a drug crime. Good legal work and proactive representation will provide you with solid advice and protect your constitutional rights. The charges against you and the possible consequences can be reduced or dropped under several circumstances.

The judge may even dismiss your case if the evidence against you is questionable or minimal. The current charges against you are a worst-case scenario. Best-case scenarios can be obtained only with skilled legal representation. Please call Flesch & Beck Law at 720-689-0322 to speak with one of our attorneys.

Q: What Is Criminal Record Sealing?

A: Record sealing is equal to wiping your record of a particular offense or arrest. You can get charges for which you were found not guilty off of your record. In Colorado, you can even get certain convictions for which you have completed court-ordered deferment or diversion programs off your permanent record. You can seal an arrest record if no further legal action resulted. However, you cannot seal convictions for serious sex crimes, violent crimes or aggravated juvenile crimes.

Speak with us about your particular situation. All cases are different, and all conversations are 100% confidential.

Q: What Happens If I Violate Parole Or Probation?

A: We understand that parole and probation violations are usually minor errors in judgment. Your mistake can be defended, and we can even appeal negative decisions if your first hearing for a violation is less than successful. The Colorado court needs to understand this was a mistake and that it will never happen again. Strong assurances to the court and sincerity in these matters are vital.

Your freedom and your future depend on a convincing telling of the facts and immediate compliance with the court.

Q: Can I Get An Affordable Bail Bond?

A: You need a criminal defense lawyer on your side from the start if you wish to get out on bail reasonably. The prosecution will argue for either no bail or excessively high bail in an effort to keep you behind bars. You also need an advocate if you expect to get an affordable bail bond.

At Flesch & Beck Law, our criminal defense lawyers can help you negotiate terms with a bail agency in addition to helping you negotiate reasonable bail that fits the seriousness of the charges against you. It is important that these negotiations are handled by a professional. Bail bondsmen take their jobs seriously. Your assets and the assets of friends or family members who agree to help you secure bail could be seized if you do not show up in court when ordered. Minimizing the cost of bail reduces the chances you will need to involve others in your case.

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