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Colorado violent crimes: County prosecutors seek death penalty

People make mistakes in life. While some mistakes are relatively minor, while others could be more serious and result in a criminal conviction. However, a conviction of criminal charges does not mean that a person in Colorado or other areas of the country is destined the commit crimes in the future. Unfortunately, one man, previously convicted of stalking, now faces the death penalty after he was charged with violent crimes.

The defendant in the case is a 44-year-old man. Prosecutors claim that the defendant shot a man in a storage unit. They assert that he then stole the victim's truck and drove to his former girlfriend's house where he shot her in the head.

Hit and run accidents: Charges filed following Colorado fatality

Vehicle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the cause, a person involved in a car crash is required to remain at the scene. Hit and run accidents often result in criminal charges once police identify the driver involved. For example, a woman in Colorado now faces multiple charges after police say she failed to remain at the scene of a fatal crash.

The alleged incident happened at an intersection on a Colorado road. A woman is believed to have left the scene after she caused a collision with another vehicle. Reports indicate that the driver of that second vehicle suffered serious injuries. A 37-year-old passenger in that same vehicle passed away.

Does lack of infrastructure investment cause more accidents?

Roads and infrastructure - they are a revolving topic of almost every political campaign on both the state and federal level. We hear about how investment can bolster economic activity and create safer roadways for drivers. Budgets and job growth are all estimates, but the effect of construction and safety are very real for drivers in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Statesman, 599 people died on our state's roads in 2016, the most since 2005. Could rough roadways be the cause of the fatalities? Cost-benefit to the economy is often a weighty factor when considering reconstruction, but the cost of accidents should also be part of the equation.

Criminal law: Colorado men accused of making threats

If a person in Colorado or other area of the country makes an allegation against another person, police are obligated to investigate. However, allegations often come down to one person's word against the others, which may be insufficient to gain a conviction on charges stemming from such claims. Regardless of the criminal law issues a person may face, having a professional with experience with the justice system can ensure that he or she is prepared to respond to charges.

Two men in Colorado may require such assistance after a woman issued a complaint about them. According to the woman, the two men were at her house when one of them allegedly pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her. The incident happened at approximately 7:30 a.m. on a day in early February.

Cities with safety plans have better streets and sidewalks

Sidewalks and bike lanes are regarded as safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, but that is not always the case. In fact, the layout of streets can affect the safety of non-vehicle roadway users even when sidewalks and crosswalks are present. 102 pedestrians and cyclists have died on Denver roads since 2012, including 26 in 2016, the most in the four-year period.

When Denver Mayor Michael Hancock took office in 2011, he committed to a "Vision Zero" goal of ending traffic-related deaths in the city, yet the fatalities have risen since then. Although the city has yet to complete its plan for safer streets, statistics from around the country show that improving road designs can be better for both pedestrians and drivers.

Traffic deaths add to woes of 2016 and the future

2016 was an impactful year for everyone in one way or another. As 2017 passes, we work to ensure the changes of last year have a positive effect on the future. One answer safety experts hope to find is the question of what caused a nationwide increase in traffic deaths in 2016.

After a record-breaking year in 2015, the instances of fatalities increased again last year. Through September, 27,875 people died on U.S. roadways, an eight percent increase from that same time in 2015 and equivalent to 14 plane crashes per year. The New England region saw a 20 percent increase in deaths in 2016, the highest in the country.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Driver in fatal Colorado crash cited

While drivers need to be vigilant at all times, extra vigilance may be required in areas with pedestrians. Auto-pedestrian accidents often cause severe injury -- even death -- to pedestrians involved. Unfortunately, a little girl in Colorado has recently lost her life following an accident that police believe was caused by the driver of a truck.

The incident happened one night on a day in late January. According to reports, two females were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Police say that a 45-year-old driver attempted a turn through the crosswalk, striking the two pedestrians. Both were transported to the hospital.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: 4 children injured in crosswalk

While Colorado drivers must remain vigilant at all times, special attention is necessary while driving in certain areas during certain times of day. For example, a driver should be extra cautious when driving through a school zone during school start and dismissal times to help prevent auto\-pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, a recent crash demonstrates the potential for harm that young pedestrians face as they walk to school.

According to reports, four family members -- three siblings and a cousin -- were walking to school one morning on a day in January. Witnesses claim that a school crossing guard stopped traffic so the students could cross in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, a driver reportedly attempted a right turn through the intersection.

Colorado drivers put on accident alert during snowstorms

As Coloradans, we take pride in the snow and recreation in our state, but the weather can sometimes create some negative side effects. Snowstorms bring fog, ice and snow accumulation that increases the likelihood of spinouts and fender benders on the road.

When heavy snow affects a large metro area, it can put a strain on emergency response crews. A new "accident alert" released via KDVR by emergency authorities reminds drivers what to do when involved in a minor accident during a snowstorm. Although we are taught to call the police after an accident, this may not be the best course of action under poor weather conditions.

States with medical marijuana see fewer driving deaths

Since the legalization of marijuana medicinally in 2000 and recreationally in 2014, safety advocates in Colorado have expressed their concerns about a spike in driving under the influence. Not only could easy access mean more widespread cases of DUI, but law enforcement could be without a way to test for marijuana "intoxication" on the road.

As of 2014, 19 states had legalized medical marijuana. Overall, traffic deaths dropped 11 percent from 1985 to 2014 in these states. Colorado was one of seven states in the study that saw a measurable drop in deaths since 2010. The trend favored the western United States while two states on the East Coast saw an increase in fatalities.

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