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Auto-pedestrian accidents: Teen killed by suspected DUI driver

The police in Loveland, Colorado, say they are investigating the death of a local teenager who was struck by a truck. This was one of those auto-pedestrian accidents in which the vehicle driver is suspected of drunk driving. The Loveland Police Department Technical Crash Investigation Team is heading the investigation.

According to police, a crash report came in at approximately 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday. Upon arrival at the scene, the police and rescue workers found a 13-year-old boy who had been struck by a pickup truck. The teenager was severely injured, and he was rushed to a hospital. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries later.

Plan ahead for a safe holiday

With roughly two weeks to go before our nation celebrates another birthday, now is a good time to consider what your celebration will entail. With the 4th falling on a Wednesday, there may be a reduction in the number of people celebrating all weekend. Still, there will be fireworks, barbecues, parties and increased holiday traffic. There will also be the least welcome element of every holiday: increased car accident deaths.

Alcohol is the the most common culprit in the sharp rise in auto fatalities that attends many holidays. The Fourth of July is no exception. People have one (or several) too many drinks and decide to get behind the wheel anyhow. They may be deciding to go from on party to the next, or decide on a last-minute fireworks display. The decision turns deadly, for them, for their passengers or for some unlucky person they encounter along the way.

Insurance Companies Confident In The Face Of Autonomous Cars

What is the point of driverless cars? Is the goal to free up more time for our cell phones? Do we hope to nap on the way to work or on longer journeys? For most safety experts, the goal of autonomous vehicles is to eliminate the cause of more than 90 percent of all car crashes: human error.

If human error were eliminated from American roads, tens of thousands of lives would be saved every year. Hundreds of thousands of serious injuries would be prevented each year. That is, of course, unless human error is simply replaced with a different kind of negligence. A recent report suggests that the insurance industry is less worried than it was a few short years ago.

Criminal defense: 19-year-old arrested for auto theft and robbery

Facing felony charges in Colorado can ruin a young adult's future if a conviction results. Having a criminal history before establishing an employment history will likely jeopardize a person's chances of securing a job in the future. For this reason, obtaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest is imperative.

A 19-year-old suspect was arrested on a recent Thursday. The arrest followed an incident in which a vehicle was stolen, and a Colorado Springs convenience store was robbed three days earlier. A police spokesperson says the investigation is ongoing because only one of the two suspects is in custody.

Electric scooters: The latest hazard to grace Denver

If you’ve been in Denver recently, you might think an evil genius had invented electric scooters for the sole purpose of crippling city streets. After Lime and Bird deployed literally hundreds of dockless scooters with only a few days’ notice, Denver Public Works threatened to impound the lot of them, branding the scooters a menace to public safety.

Small wonder—with no docking stations to worry about, users were leaving them all over the city, freely obstructing sidewalks and trails. Weaving through traffic without helmets also proved quite popular. Can these scooters be safe? Legal? And how do they work, anyway?

Hit and run accidents: Suspect arrested after neighbor calls 911

Victims of automobile accidents in Colorado typically have the opportunity to pursue financial relief if the negligence of another party caused the crash. This might become complicated if the at-fault driver failed to remain at the scene. Victims of hit and run accidents may have to rely on their insurance coverage to provide financial relief.

However, in most cases, law enforcement catches up with drivers who fled the scenes of accidents. In many cases, suspects are located with the help of the public. The surviving family members of a 59-year-old pedestrian, who died after a car in Colorado Springs struck him, may now be able to find closure and compensation after a suspect was arrested. Reportedly, authorities posted many signs describing the suspect's vehicle along Interstate 25, asking for the help from the public.

How to avoid collisions with wildlife (or at least reduce the damage)

In many ways, Colorado is synonymous with wilderness. Our state straddles the frontier between prairie and mountain. Our lands abound with natural riches, from snow-capped peaks to dramatic rocky canyons to white-watered alpine streams.

Along with this treasured wilderness, however, comes the inevitable collision between man and nature. And it happens in a very literal sense on many of our state’s highways and byways.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents by riding smart

As every seasoned motorcyclist knows, it’s bound to happen sooner or later: the close call. The near-miss that reminds you just how quickly things can go wrong.

Those seasoned bikers know how to react in emergency situations. They’re well-practiced in proper braking techniques, they understand how (and when) to lay the bike down, and the best of them can do so even under the adrenaline rush of an imminent collision.

Possible defense options against drug charges

Anyone in Colorado who faces criminal charges is presumed innocent unless and until the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For that reason, obtaining the best possible legal counsel who can challenge the formal allegations on which the prosecution's case is based is essential. An attorney can also safeguard the constitutional rights of a defendant facing drug charges.

Drug possession charges, whether with the intent to sell or for personal use, can be assessed to determine the best possible defense strategy. Several defense options are typically pursued, including some that challenge the evidence, testimony or stated facts. Other options involve errors in procedures such as violations by law enforcement during search and seizure operations.

Will awareness month prevent motorcycle accidents?

After four or five months in storage, motorcycles in Colorado are being pulled out by bikers who want to enjoy traveling as the weather warms up. Vehicle operators have to get used to sharing the roads with bikes again, and those who are not vigilant could cause auto vs. motorcycle accidents. To remind road users of their duties to care, May has been designated as annual Motorcycle Awareness Month by the American Motorcycle Association.

Throughout this month, operators of trucks and cars will be urged to specifically watch for the presence of motorcycles rather than pulling out of driveways and parking lots after a brief glance and failing to notice an oncoming bike. Drivers are also reminded that it might be difficult to judge the speed of an approaching motorcycle. Waiting for it to pass before joining other traffic may take a minute or two longer, but it may save lives. Of course, the same applies for motorcyclists, who must also yield for other traffic.

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