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Cell phones are not the only cause for distracted driving

Many people have already been warned about the dangers associated with texting and driving or talking on the phone and driving. However, with such a strong focus on cell phone use, many drivers are not even thinking about other activities that could cause distractions when they are behind the wheel.

Distractions can be visual, manual or cognitive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means that almost anything can be a distraction as you are driving.

Motorcycle accidents: Driver says he did not see oncoming bike

Two lives were lost in Denver on a recent Saturday evening when, it appears, a driver failed to see an oncoming biker as he turned left at an intersection. The driver of the car claimed to have seen the light of an approaching motorcycle but thought that it was far enough away for him to complete the turn safely. Sadly, like in many other motorcycle accidents, the crash that followed killed the rider and the passenger of the bike.

According to a witness, there were two motorcycles, one of which was struck by the car as the driver made the turn. That witness told officials that the light was green for the motorcycles when one of them hit the car. However, other witnesses made conflicting reports about the speed of the vehicle and the bikes. An arrest might follow the conclusion of the investigation.

Criminal charges filed after pedestrian allegedly faked injuries

A 39-year-old man who was recently arrested in Colorado Springs is now facing kidnapping, robbery and assault charges. He will likely recognize the severity of potential consequences in the event of a conviction on criminal charges and rely upon the support of experienced legal counsel. He was taken into custody following an incident on a recent Thursday.

Reportedly, a 23-year-old woman claims to have encountered the man limping in the street while holding his head and screaming for help. She says she was concerned and stopped to pick him up and rush him to a medical facility. However, the driver alleges that the man soon sat up and ordered her to stop the car, and this was when she realized that his injuries were fake and only a ploy to get her to stop.

Rear-end, auto-pedestrian accidents par for the course in snow

Colorado winters can be harsh, and everybody who takes to the roads is vulnerable. This is the season in which not only auto-pedestrian accidents but also rear-end collisions and other types of crashes are prevalent. Drivers from other states who are used to milder winter weather might be wise to take precautions.

A police department spokesman says rear-end collisions are the most frequently reported crashes on snowy and icy roads. For this reason, he underscores the importance of keeping safe following distances. All vehicles take longer to stop on slick roads, and drivers must adjust their speed according to road and weather conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit. Following these two rules might prevent the need to slam on brakes, which could be catastrophic on ice-covered roads.

I fell on my neighbor’s sidewalk and got hurt – do I have a claim?

Well, that can be complicated and it all depends on the circumstances of the situation. Premise liability and negligence on the part of the property owner need to be proven first, but how does that happen and what exactly is premise liability?

A premise liability case involves a personal injury that a person sustained on another’s property. Property owners have a duty to maintain a safe environment for those using it and face legal liability if they don’t. Premise liability applies to both private property owners and public property owners.

New legislation may limit cell phone use

Distracted driving is a dangerous public safety concern for all of us. In Colorado, distracted driving causes 40 crashes each day across the state. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 4,000 people die each year on the roadways as a result of distracted driving crashes in the United States.

Distractions in the car can happen to any driver. Things like your radio, other passengers or your cellphone all take your attention from the road. Distracted driving is entirely preventable and while most know it’s dangerous, they do it anyway. According to an article in the Denver post, cell phone use contributes to a higher rate of car accidents and it’s eight times more likely that drivers using a phone will be involved in a crash.

3 suspects face criminal charges after an alleged shooting

Whenever anyone in Colorado is taken into custody, there will likely be a lot at stake. Facing criminal charges could threaten the accused person's freedom and his or her legal rights. A conviction could cause severe damage to a person's future and create barriers during loan and housing applications, career opportunities, and rights to freedom.

Such issues might be of concern to three individuals who were recently arrested after an alleged shooting incident in which another 26-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound and head injuries. A police report indicates that law enforcement responded after receiving a call early on a recent Sunday morning. The caller reported a shooting incident and described the vehicle the suspects used to flee the scene.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: 13-year-old girl fatally struck by car

Pedestrians in Colorado cities will always be at risk of being struck by vehicles. Auto-pedestrian accidents claim a significant percentage of the lives that are lost on city streets each year. One of the most recent incidents caused the death of a Lakewood teenager.

An incident report by the Lakewood police indicates that the accident occurred at around 6:40 p.m. in the area of Belmar. According to a police spokesperson, a southbound vehicle struck a teenager as she crossed the street. Reportedly, a group of teenagers had just left a nearby movie theatre before the tragic accident.

Criminal charges follow arrest by K-9 officer

A suspect in several cases of attempted burglaries in Colorado was transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries caused by a canine officer during an arrest on a recent Thursday evening. That person is now facing criminal charges. According to a police report, officers responded to a gun store after the security alarm was activated. This followed an incident in which two of the store's windows were broken during an attempted burglary.

Reportedly, calls also went out to other local police departments, and this led to officers coming across perpetrators at another gun store. A deputy allegedly saw suspects attempting to gain access by breaking through the door to the store. The suspects fled the scene in a vehicle that came to a halt after police activated stop sticks.

Traumatic brain injuries are often caused in car accidents

You’ve likely heard the term Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) if you’ve been in a car accident. While a TBI is fairly common as the result of a car accident, it can also come from a fall, a sports injury, an assault or violence. A traumatic brain injury is serious and can have long-lasting effects.

A traumatic brain injury can result in serious consequences or death. Approximately two million people suffer from a brain injury each year and while a majority won’t require medical assistance, 200,000 will need treatment or hospitalization. Unfortunately, 50,000 will die as a result of their injuries.

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