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Who is responsible for your injuries in a multicar accident?

Liability in a car crash is confusing even in the most straightforward of scenarios. When someone rear-ends you or turns the wrong way on a one-way street, it is still possible for you to share some of the liability for the crash. This legal concept is known as comparative liability or negligence, and it assigns a portion of the blame to all of the people involved in a collision.

That determination can be much harder to make in a situation involving multiple vehicles. A multi-vehicle crash could have roots in the driving behaviors of each of the vehicles involved in the collision. Police may fail to properly assign responsibility at the time of the crash, particularly if inclement weather was a factor.

Drug charges follow trunk load of marijuana found in rental car

A 31-year-old man from a neighboring state was arrested recently after a significant load of marijuana was found in the rental car that he used while traveling in Colorado. The driver who faces drug charges was held on a cash-only bond of $50,000. Reportedly, the arrest took place on Interstate 70 at about midday on a recent Wednesday.

According to a report by Colorado State Patrol, a trooper noticed two vehicles driving erratically and passing each other in an unsafe manner. After initiating the traffic stop, the trooper reported several signs of activities that raised suspicion. Among those signs were that the suspect gave illogical travel plans that he kept changing coupled with the fact he was driving a rented vehicle. 

Rush hour prime time for collisions

Approximately 25% of all car accidents occur during the heavy traffic hours of the morning and evening rush hours. There are many contributing factors to rush hour accidents that can cause disabling injuries and even deaths.

Many drivers are distracted. They may be gulping coffee or applying make-up behind the wheel or trying to light that last cigarette on the way in to work. They might be engaged in an animated discussion with passengers in the car or simply wool-gathering as they drive along and react too slowly to the cars braking ahead. But you can make your commute safer with the following tips.

Hit-and-run accidents: Elderly pedestrian killed in crosswalk

Losing an elderly loved one to natural causes is typically less traumatic than when the negligence of another party causes his or her death. It might be the case for the surviving family members of an 82-year-old man who lost his life when a vehicle in Denver struck him earlier this month. This was one of those hit-and-run accidents in which the at-fault driver was located by law enforcement within hours.

According to an accident report, the elderly pedestrian was in a crosswalk at an intersection in Denver. At about 8:30 p.m. on a Friday earlier this month, a 39-year-old driver allegedly disregarded a red light and sped through the intersection. It led to a collision in which two other vehicles were involved, and the driver who ran the red light struck the pedestrian.

Rear-end accidents a leading cause of whiplash

It doesn’t take much more than a bump from the vehicle behind you at a stoplight to cause whiplash. Rear-end accidents are a leading cause of whiplash due to the likelihood of the neck sharply jerking back and forth. This creates many problems as discs in the neck, bones, muscles and can even impact the spine.

Whiplash symptoms may not emerge immediately. They can take up to 24 hours to surface and symptoms include neck stiffness or pain, loss of range of motion in neck and headaches. Dizziness and numbness in the neck area are other common symptoms.

Drug charges still possible for delivery of medical marijuana

Life might become a whole lot easier for people in Colorado who use medical marijuana if the bill currently before a Colorado House committee is passed. It would allow licensed dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana to those with ill health. Although a black market for such delivery services already exists, when the bill passes, there will no longer be a risk of facing drug charges.

A media investigator says he responded to an advertisement for marijuana deliveries back in 2015. Reportedly, he was undercover when he met the advertiser. He says he asked to see or smell the offered marijuana, but the individual responded that he had to pay first.

Debilitating soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, deserve respect

Because it doesn't cause visible injury, whiplash often doesn't get accorded appropriate respect. Just because it isn't as severe as a spinal cord injury doesn't mean it isn't serious. People make a joke of it, as though it didn't result in debilitating symptoms that can make someone miserable and keep them from working a job. The truth is that the condition can cause persistent symptoms and require ongoing medical care.

Whiplash is a painful neck injury that results from the overexertion of the neck muscles. When someone strikes your car, likely from behind, the sudden motions cause your head to jerk back and forth.

What are the risks of riding a motorcycle with a passenger?

Riding your motorcycle can make travel or commuting a lot more fun. Sharing that experience with someone you’re close to might make it even better.

But adding a passenger may increase the risk of accidents and injury. What can you do to make sure that you both are safe while riding?

Hit-and-run accidents: Driver in custody after turning herself in

The understandable trauma following the loss of a loved one in an auto-pedestrian accident is exacerbated if the driver of the vehicle fails to remain at the scene of the crash. Hit-and-run accidents could delay any civil lawsuits in pursuit of financial relief until law enforcement catches up with the driver or the driver surrenders. This is what happened after a recent fatal accident in Colorado.

On a recent Tuesday evening, a pickup truck struck a pedestrian in Lakewood at approximately 10:20 p.m. A police report indicates that, although the 60-year-old male pedestrian was hit while he was crossing in the crosswalk at an intersection, he was allegedly crossing against the light. Witnesses reported that the driver of the eastbound truck continued on his way after striking the pedestrian.

Drug charges: Turn Over a New Leaf Program

Convictions for drug crimes can can have life-long consequences. According to the Denver District Attorney's Office, some people are eligible to have convictions for low-level marijuana-related drug charges expunged. The initiative, known as the Turn Over a New Leaf Program, could result in clearing the criminal record of those with minor marijuana convictions.

Individuals who were convicted of marijuana crimes before recreational use of the drug became legal might be eligible. However, it only applies to people who committed low-level marijuana crimes in Denver, as the program has not been rolled out statewide. Low-level offenses include possession of both marijuana and hemp, paraphernalia and products such as edibles infused with marijuana. Even those who were convicted after pleading guilty to lesser charges might qualify for expungement.

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