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Alleged parent and child shoplifters may face criminal charges

When adults involve children in criminal activities, they put their rights and freedom under threat. Facing criminal charges is serious, and if children are encouraged to commit crimes, the wrath of the law will be even more severe. This may be the case for a couple sought by Colorado police after they were apparently caught on camera while allegedly shoplifting.

According to a police report, the suspected shoplifters are a couple and what are presumed to be their children. One surveillance camera in a department store apparently showed the mother and daughter -- believed to be about 10 years old -- looking at purses and jewelry. At the same time, another camera recorded the father and his son of about 7 years of age browsing at the other end of the store. Officials allege they all concealed items of merchandise that they had removed from the shelves.

How does comparative negligence work in motorcycle accidents?

Bikers nationwide, including in Colorado, are sometimes portrayed as reckless even though many crashes result from other drivers not keeping a proper lookout for motorcycles. Sometimes, victims of motorcycle accidents must cope with traumatic injuries for which they were partly responsible. If that has happened to you, it does not necessarily jeopardize your right to recover damages from the party deemed primarily responsible for the crash.

In Colorado, the law allows the court to enter monetary judgments in personal injury claims based upon the level of each party's negligence. The percentage of each party's fault will be determined, along with the apportioned compensation based on the level of negligence. As long as the percentage of the negligence attributed to you does not exceed 50 percent, you can recover a portion of your damages.

The good news and bad news for older motorcyclists

If you have reached the time in your life when you can finally afford to own the motorcycle of your dreams, you probably want to spend as much time as possible on the open road — but there is always the possibility of an accident, which might require hospitalization and the need for legal assistance.

The good news is that in 2015, injuries from motorcycle crashes were down from the year before. The not-so-good news is that when accidents happen, older riders sustain more serious injuries than their younger counterparts.

Can a human brain really handle texting and driving?

People talk about multitasking these days as if anyone can do it-but then there is the matter of texting and driving. How much mental activity does it take to operate a vehicle while either reading an incoming message or punching in information on your cell phone to text to someone?

Either way, the effort takes your eyes off the road and forces your brain to attempt managing doing two things at once. Sometimes you simply take too much for granted, and that can be deadly.

Criminal charges filed after May crime spree in Colorado

Following a number of burglaries in one common area in Denver on one day, police say they have arrested four men linked to the alleged crime spree that also included a murder. Criminal charges were filed against the suspects, who purportedly committed several home invasions and one murder in mid-May. A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department says the arrest of the fourth suspect answered many questions.

The latest arrest was made in another state, and the subject was a 17-year-old man. Police say the young man was arrested when officers responded to a disturbance call and came across two alleged home invaders of which the one was linked to the Colorado crime spree. According to police reports, seven burglaries were investigated -- including one that ended in the death of a 27-year-old resident of one of the homes.

Damages may be recoverable after hit and run accidents

Whenever a driver is involved in an accident in Colorado or another state, he or she must stop and render aid. Leaving an accident scene can have serious consequences -- especially if it involved injuries. Victims of hit and run accidents are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to recovery of damages.

Police in Thornton recently launched a search for a driver who failed to stop at an accident involving a pedestrian. After receiving calls about an accident at approximately 8 p.m. on a Saturday in May, officers responded to the scene. On the roadway, they found a critically injured man whom they rushed to a medical facility.

Multiple victims in nacho cheese botulism outbreak

When people purchase foods from gas stations, restaurants and other public venues in Colorado, they do so with the expectation that what they are going to consume is toxin-free. No one expects to end up in pain and suffering from food poisoning. People who end up with serious health complications after eating contaminated food can seek compensation for their pain, suffering, lost income and medical bills. The loved ones of victims who die from food poisoning complications can pursue compensation for funeral and burial costs and other expenses.

Food poisoning is more common than people think

Criminal law: 11 indicted after alleged identity theft

Following investigations over several months, 11 individuals were recently indicted for 185 charges. Multiple criminal law enforcement agencies in Colorado took part in the inquiry into the activities of the group that allegedly stole financial and personal information of over 400 businesses and individuals. It is further alleged that the stolen information was used to illegally obtain a significant amount of money.

Among those indicted were a 36-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman who authorities identified as the ringleaders. According to court documents, the group's activities started in 2016. They allegedly focused on stealing mail to obtain business checks and personal information. Authorities claim the accused individuals then used that information to make or alter checks, which were then cashed at credit unions and banks in Colorado.

Car accidents put your child at risk for brain injuries

Many people in Denver do not realize how fragile their children are until they become injured in car accidents. Although anyone in a crash is at risk for injury, children are more susceptible to broken bones, scrapes, bruises and brain trauma. 

The effects of childhood brain injuries are similar to those that adults experience. However, because children’s brains are still developing, the effects can be more severe, long-lasting and devastating. Take time to learn about the different types of brain injuries your child may have received in a car accident. 

Colorado man dies in pedestrian accident in intersection

An 86-year-old Colorado Springs man died almost a week after he was knocked down in an intersection. Reportedly, the pedestrian accident occurred when the man was crossing an intersection but chose to walk behind a vehicle. The driver backed up at the moment when the pedestrian was behind his car.

According to an accident report, the driver of the car stopped at the intersection, but the front half of his vehicle was blocking cross-traffic. He backed up his car but failed to see the man crossing behind. The pedestrian was rushed to a medical facility nearby. However, he succumbed to his injuries six days later.

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