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Colorado woman pleads not guilty to drug charges

When Colorado residents are accused of distributing drugs, they may not immediately comprehend the gravity of the situation. Convictions on drug charges can have severe repercussions. However, many charges follow mere suspicions, and any person who faces drug charges will be innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until his or her guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Such may be the situation for a woman who was recently arrested in Sheridan County, and she now faces five drug-related charges.

According to court documents of the 4th Judicial District Court, an informant who confidentially works with law enforcement allegedly went to the defendant's residence where he or she claims to have purchased methamphetamine and marijuana from the accused woman. After obtaining a search warrant, law enforcement apparently seized what they believe to be drugs and prescription pills from the residence before arresting the defendant. The court documents indicate that drug tests were carried out that are presumed to be positive, and the prescription pills were identified by comparing them to information on an online database.

The rising death toll of smartphones behind the wheel

Let's face it: Most of us are addicted to our cellphones. We use them to stay in constant communication with friends and family. We endlessly scroll through social media posts. We rely on our GPS apps to get places. We have round-the-clock access to email, news headlines and traffic updates - not to mention Google -- at our fingertips.

Yet smartphones kill people at staggering rates, and for one simple reason: We can't seem to put them down when we're driving.

Understanding where traffic accidents tend to happen

Thousands of people are injured or killed in auto accidents across Colorado every year. As drivers, we all play a role in keeping roads safe. Understanding what contributes to these accidents - and where they occur - is vital to preventing them.

When most people envision serious car accidents, they picture a long road trip, perhaps driving through snow or ice after dark. It is true that more than half of all traffic fatalities nationwide take place on rural roads. Higher speed limits, greater risk of distraction, heavier trucking traffic and higher incidence of driver fatigue may all contribute to these accidents.

Hit-and-run accidents: Driver who struck 3 pedestrians located

According to Colorado law, any vehicle operator who is involved in a crash must remain at the accident scene and render aid. Furthermore, the law requires every driver to have insurance to cover bodily injury to others in the case of an accident. While these laws are meant to protect victims of hit-and-run accidents, it does not stop them from happening.

A report by the Denver Police Department indicates that a vehicle struck three pedestrians on a recent Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, the incident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. at a parking garage entrance in downtown Denver. Three pedestrians were transported to the hospital, one of whom was said to be seriously injured. The nature of the injuries to the other two was not mentioned.

Self-driving cars raise important legal - and moral - issues

It seems almost inevitable that self-driving cars will soon fill our roadways. Equipped with a 360-degree awareness that far surpasses human eyesight - plus a split-second reaction time - these vehicles will be able to "see" potential hazards and, in most cases, avoid accidents before they even arise. By some estimates, self-driving vehicles will reduce road fatalities by 90 percent.

Addressing the "what-if's"

3 Colorado teens face charges of violent crimes after threats

A rural Colorado town in Otero County is abuzz after it became known that a hit list was posted on social media. Too many lives have been lost nationwide in violent crimes committed at schools, and so the suspects were arrested within a short time. The county sheriff says a high school student first provided a tip about the list that included several of the students and teachers at the school.

The school is in the town of Swink, which has approximately 700 inhabitants. The high school superintendent says parents and children were concerned after it became known that this list appeared on social media. Officers from the sheriff's department were dispatched to the school, and three youths were arrested promptly.

Animal-vehicle collisions: Will insurance cover your claim?

If you have even been driving on back roads during deer season or traveled through the woods while taking a scenic drive, you have probably have had to dodge an animal or two.  Unfortunately, sometimes a collision is unavoidable and the animal is large enough to cause significant damage or injury to your car or yourself.  Whether you have experienced a crash or a near miss you probably know how shocking and startling these type of accidents can be. With animal-vehicle collision on an upward swing in the state of Colorado, it is more important than ever to know if you are covered. After the initial shock wears off, you may find yourself wondering who will be responsible for covering the costs of injury and repair.

Does insurance pay for a collision with an animal?

Colorado snowmobile safety

Whether you’re a Colorado native or one of the many welcome visitors our area draws each year, it’s never a bad idea to make sure you’re up to date on the safety regulations for any of our popular winter activities. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the basics of snowmobile safety, as well as going over the laws that regulate their safe and legal operation. 

Registration information

The rise in autonomous vehicles and your safety

Currently, there is legislation up for consideration that will make way for autonomous vehicles to operate on a regular basis, and some will not require a driver. Certain large franchises are pushing for the approval of such bills, as it will allow them to reduce shipping costs. Though this could be a win for big business, what does it do for public safety?

While the implementation of advanced technologies helps to increase the safety of autonomous vehicles, there is still room for concern amongst consumers. What is truly being done to protect the safety of all parties on the road? Thankfully, there are guidelines in place and developing testing options intended to try to increase safety.

Motorcycle accidents: Alleged hit-and-run Denver driver at large

Colorado hit-and-run accidents are often difficult to investigate. Following car or motorcycle accidents that result in property damage, injuries or death, drivers must remain at the accident scene. Driving away can have serious repercussions for the driver, and it might prevent a seriously injured victim from receiving emergency medical treatment. It will also delay the accident investigation process and could leave the injured victims or surviving family members with many unanswered questions.

One such an accident occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon. Denver police say they are looking for the driver of a specific minivan. A witness reported seeing the minivan cutting off the motorcyclist. In his attempt to avoid the vehicle, the motorcyclist forcefully applied brakes, and momentum caused him to be ejected over the motorcycle's handlebars.

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