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5 winter driving tips for even the best drivers

Winter isn’t just coming, it feels like it’s here. For many of us who cut our teeth driving on snow and ice, we feel sure of ourselves as we turnover the engine and roll off down the street. That is not the case for everyone, however.

Some who were raised on snow and ice were trained in by nervous parents or instructors who made them fear the road- and we’re not talking about a healthy fear of the road. We’re talking: sitting fully upright, eyes bugged, white knuckles, 20 miles an hour under the advisable speed for the conditions.

Criminal charges follows fatality in suspected DUI accident

A 25-year-old woman died in a suspected drunk driving accident in Colorado on a recent Sunday afternoon. A 47-year-old man is now facing several criminal charges after he allegedly caused a crash that led to the woman's death. Reportedly, the incident that happened at an intersection in Lakewood involved several vehicles.

According to Lakewood police, the woman's car was stationary at a red traffic light when the alleged drunk driver in a pickup truck approached at a high rate of speed. Police say he failed to slow down and smashed into the rear of the stopped car. The impact pushed her car into the intersection, directly into the path of other vehicles. Three more cars became involved in the accident.

Colorado rolls out new drugged driving campaign

The state is rolling out a new campaign to educate Coloradans about the dangers of driving while impaired. While drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, this campaign focuses on the dangers of driving while impaired by any type of drug, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.

What happens if you are in an accident in an Uber?

As a passenger in an app-based private driving service like Uber, convenience is key. Wherever you are, a driver will be nearby who can take you wherever you need to go with just a few pushes of a button on your phone. You can even select a driver based on their rating, giving you a better chance of having a smooth ride.

But that convenience can come at a big cost to you if you do not know the protocol following an accident with a driving service.

Auto-pedestrian accidents often caused by distracted drivers

Colorado Springs police responded to an accident that caused injuries to three people. This incident was a perfect example of the hazards of mobile device distractions. Despite awareness campaigns and enforcement, distracted drivers continue to cause auto-pedestrian accidents and other collisions.

According to a preliminary crash report, this incident occurred on a recent Tuesday morning in the downtown Springs area. Police officers say a man in a pickup truck was traveling at a speed of at least 50 mph -- which is 15 mph over the posted speed limit. According to the driver, he was distracted when he checked the GPS on his mobile phone.

Multiple fraud allegations follow GoFundMe donations

Deputies from the Larimer County Sheriff's Office reportedly arrested a Colorado woman on a recent Friday. The arrest followed an investigation into allegations made by a man who contacted investigators of the county in July of last year. The man claimed that the woman committed fraud by scamming him and others into paying money into a GoFundMe account.

Investigators claim to have determined that the woman convinced acquaintances and friends to help her pay medical bills that had accumulated due to treatment for a variety of serious illnesses she had suffered. Reportedly, community members organized events to raise funds and established GoFundMe accounts. Investigators allege the defendant was given almost $20,000 to help her cover expenses.

Preparing for autumn motorcycle trips

The Denver area has some of the most avid motorcycle riders the country over. It’s no surprise, you have to be dedicated to rolling around on two wheels to think about tackling our winding mountain roads and rugged back country.

For many riders, the motorcycle season is closing. For a select few, though, the autumn rides are just getting started. Autumn in the Colorado mountains isn’t just beautiful, it also provides some of the best rides of the year. Longer sunrises and sunsets, fall colors, a chill in the air, it makes the season unique. The season also comes with unique dangers for motorcyclists.

Understanding Denver seatbelt laws for young children

Many new parents are unaware of the safety laws that come with transporting a child in their family vehicle. As your child grows, you may wonder what is appropriate with each developmental milestone. For example, there are laws that dictate the placement of a child in the motor vehicle and laws that dictate the appropriate contraptions to place the child into.

If you are not aware of these laws, you can be at risk for facing legal consequences that vary in amounts and charges. All parents are obligated to ensure their children are riding safely in vehicles of all types. Accidents may cause the most damage to the youngest riders inside.

Motorcycle accidents: How to ride safely as a passenger on a bike

Bikers need exceptional skills to ride safely. When they have passengers, they need even more control of their motorcycles. A passenger potentially adds 20 to 30 percent additional weight on the bike, which requires adjusted driving techniques, and the rider must ensure that the combined weight is within limits set by the manufacturer. Motorcycle accidents in Colorado often result in passengers suffering catastrophic injuries or worse.

Safety advisers suggest motorcycle riders always wear helmets and ensure that their passengers do the same. They say drivers should keep in mind that the added weight on the rear of the bike will reduce stopping power. For that reason, more space and time will be necessary for the bike to come to a stop, and passing other vehicles will also need extra time. Jerky accelerating and shifting gears can cause lurching of the passenger, so the smoother those actions, the safer will be the ride.

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