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Alcohol a factor in accident that killed a 2-year-old girl

A two vehicle crash on I-70 near the Lookout Mountain exchange resulted in the death of a 2-year-old girl, Sophia Rivera and serious injuries to her mother.

The mother lost control of the car, went through the median and then hit a pickup truck travelling in the opposite lane. The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries. The force of the crash resulted in the near complete destruction of the back end of the car where the young girl sat in her car seat.

Multiple benefits of fuel-efficient cars

In the beginning, fuel efficient cars were not particularly attractive. Though they did offer increased gas mileage and had the potential to save people money, they were not very stylish compared to other models on the road. People may have wanted to forgo fuel-efficiency in favor of style.

However, recently more and more fuel efficient cars are being manufactured and there are more options. Many gas-saving cars are now sleek and sophisticated while also saving people money.

Cycling communities working together for increased safety

Cyclists are a tight-knit community. To be a member, you need not join a club or participate in large group events. You need only have experienced being a cyclist among motor vehicles. It takes someone very dedicated to mount a bicycle, devoid of any life-saving safety features, and ride beside cars. Those who take that risk share a bond.

As every seasoned cyclist is aware, riding in traffic can be dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration releases a report each fall which summarizes the previous year's traffic fatalities. In 2016, motor vehicles killed 840 cyclists: a 1.3% increase from 2015 and the highest number of deaths since 1991. When a cyclist is killed anywhere in the U.S., their community feels the loss.

Violent crimes: Teen accused of pistol whipping donut shop worker

At about 3 a.m. on May 18, two juveniles allegedly entered a donut shop in Colorado Springs. They would ultimately be accused of committing violent crimes. Employees of the store claim the two teenagers ordered them to put their hands up, get down on the ground and hand over the cash. They allege that one of the pair became impatient when the cash register was not opened quick enough, and he purportedly struck the employee over the head with his firearm. The gun went off, but no one was hit.

It appears the staff could not open the cash register, and they say the youths left the donut shop empty-handed. Police officers responded and had to enter the store through a locked, broken glass door because they were under the impression that the suspects were still inside. They reported that three of the officers suffered minor injuries, and one of them along with an employee received medical treatment at the hospital.

Criminal charges: Suspect turns himself in to Colorado police

A conviction for any criminal accusation can be detrimental to the life of anyone in Colorado. For that reason, it is best to seek legal counsel as soon as there are signs that criminal charges my be forthcoming. Despite the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed to anyone accused of a crime, what a suspect says to law enforcement can make or break a case.

A 25-year-old man in Colorado surrendered to police after a bizarre car accident. According to a spokesperson for Colorado Springs Police Department, a witness saw a driver and passenger fighting with one another in a southbound SUV on a recent Sunday afternoon. After the passenger grabbed hold of the steering wheel, the out-of-control SUV headed into oncoming traffic.

Motorcycle accidents: Riders have little or no protection

Every road user in Colorado is at risk of being involved in a collision. The type of vehicle they use will play a significant role in the severity of injuries that might result. Occupants of automobiles are typically protected by seat belts, air bags and other protective devices, none of which motorcyclists have. For that reason, victims of motorcycle accidents frequently suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Because bikers are not encased in the protective bodies of vehicles, accidents typically cause them to be ejected from their machines. Hence, almost all motorcycle crash victims suffer road rash. This could only cause redness of the outer layer of the skin, or it could break the outer skin layer but leave the inner layers intact. However, when the skin is entirely removed and the underlying tissue and fat layers are exposed, it requires immediate medical attention.

The very real dangers of walking while drunk

We all know about the dangers of driving while drunk – but what about walking while drunk? Turns out that can be dangerous, too.

A recent article published by The Pew Charitable Trusts highlights the severity of this often-overlooked problem. When alcohol is involved in a pedestrian-car collision, it’s more likely the pedestrian who was over the limit – not the driver. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one-third of the pedestrians killed in 2016 were drunk.

Juvenile crimes: 15-year-old allegedly robbed stores at gunpoint

Law enforcement in Colorado Springs reported the recent arrest of a suspect in several armed robberies. Juvenile crimes involving weapons are serious felonies that can have life-changing consequences, and the alleged robber in these cases is a 15-year-old. He is facing several charges of aggravated robbery.

According to authorities, the juvenile was identified after his face was clearly visible on a surveillance video recording obtained last month. Reportedly, this was the fourth robbery of different convenience stores. Police allege the suspect in all four robberies wore a hoody, which was pulled tightly to conceal his face. They say he threatened the clerks at the cash registers by extending his arm inside his sweatshirt as if pointing a weapon.

Summer driving tips in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state, with gorgeous mountains, glistening lakes, wildlife and thousands of opportunities to enjoy yourself on a pleasant drive. However, with all of this beauty comes an incredibly changeable climate and other road hazards, so it’s important to stay safe while you’re taking it all in. Here are some road safety tips to keep in mind as you crisscross Colorado this summer.

Criminal charges: Colorado woman accused of identity fraud

A series of events that culminated in a Colorado woman's arrest started in early 2017 when a registered nurse was anonymously alerted to the fact that someone else was using her nursing license to work at a nursing home in another city. She reported the matter to the police, who went to the nursing home and located the accused woman. Officers arrested her and filed criminal charges.

Court documents indicate that a plea deal led to the woman being sentenced to probation for four years. However, prosecutors allege that she impersonated the registered nurse again shortly before sentencing. They claim she used that woman's nursing license again to secure employment with a staffing agency that arranged several work shifts for her at a health care center. This led to several charges filed against her last December -- including unauthorized practice of nursing.

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