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3 things you should always do after a wreck

Imagine driving to work in downtown Denver, like you do almost every morning when your normally boring commute turns much more exciting. Unfortunately, this isn't the type of excitement that involves a grand adventure or fun. Instead, it involves another vehicle that ran a red light. Now, you have a damaged car, various aches and pains that could signal a serious injury and you are going to have to take some time off work.

While those first few moments after a car wreck can seem like a blur, it is important to stay focused and take the appropriate steps. Here are a few things you should always do immediately after a motor vehicle collision.

Drug charges follow claimed discovery of illegal grow operation

Use of recreational marijuana is permitted in Colorado, but there are strict regulations in place when it comes to growing the plants. Only those who are older than 21 may grow marijuana for personal use. There is a limit to the number of plants each person may grow, and also the number of flowering plants an individual can have at one time. Violating those laws could lead to drug charges.

A report by the Teller County Sheriff's Office revealed that two men, apparently a father and son, were recently arrested after an investigation that involved multiple law enforcement agencies. Reportedly, a search of the address of the two men yielded 43 marijuana plants along with processed marijuana, a number of guns and several vehicles -- all of which was considered evidence of an illegal growing operation. It is alleged that the two men, ages 64 and 40, shipped the marijuana they produced across state lines.

Have this tough conversation with your elderly loved one

One of the hardest things to do is have that conversation with an older relative about hanging up the car keys for good. It's likely one of the most challenging conversations to hold with an aging parent or grandparent, because surrendering driving privileges can sever the last ties the person may have with their community-at-large.

Even senior citizens who live in regions where there are excellent public transit systems may loathe losing that little bit of independence that driving left them. Still, you would never want to lose your elderly relative in a preventable car wreck or have them be responsible for unleashing highway carnage that kills or maims others because their driving skills deteriorated with age.

Hit-and-run accidents: Elite cyclist struck by unknown driver

When an elite Colorado cyclist was on his way home after a training session on July 20, he was struck by a cargo van. As in many hit-and-run accidents, police are now asking witnesses to help them find the driver who fled the scene of the crash. The cyclist was later found by another motorist who made a 911 call that sent emergency workers who arranged for the cyclist to be airlifted to a Denver hospital.

The cyclist's family says he is a strong, healthy and passionate cyclist who knew the rules of the road. They say he was found in an area where there is a wide shoulder, and they assert he would not ride in the roadway when there was sufficient space for cyclists on the side of the road. It is believed that the car that struck the cyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed. That driver then failed to remain at the crash scene and left the critically injured cyclist to die.

Two arrested on suspicion of committing violent crimes

Colorado Springs police responded to a report of armed robbery in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday. Two individuals were later arrested for suspected violent crimes. Harming someone or attempting, threatening or conspiring to harm someone could be seen as violent crimes, which typically involve robbery, rape or homicide. These acts often include the use of handguns or any other firearms or dangerous weapons.

According to police, the two men entered a convenience store at approximately 1:40 a.m. and used a handgun to threaten the cashier. Police received the call after the alleged robbers escaped with cash and cigarettes. They suspected the men were hiding in a park adjacent to the store and set up a perimeter.

Common causes of bicycle accidents in a city setting

There's a big difference between riding your bicycle on a country road and a city setting. While bicycle commuting is on the rise, you don't want to hit the road until you're familiar with the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Understanding the most common causes of bicycle accidents can help prevent trouble. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Opening doors: Don't lose sight of the fact that someone parked on the side of the road could open their door into your lane of travel. Striking a door head on, especially at a high rate of speed, can cause serious injury or even death.
  • Distraction resulting in a rear-end accident: This often occurs when a bicyclist is stopped at a red light or stop sign. If the driver behind you isn't paying attention, they could strike you. Even if the vehicle is moving slowly, any contact is more than enough to cause an injury.
  • Right hook: This typically occurs when a vehicle passes you when traveling the same direction, then makes a right turn. If there's not enough space between your bicycle and the turning vehicle, you're at risk of a collision. Protect against this by taking an abundance of caution as you approach intersections.
  • A vehicle makes a left turn in front of you: This most commonly occurs when you're traveling straight through an intersection, while a driver is looking to make a right turn. If they misjudge your speed, two things could happen: The vehicle could strike you as you enter the intersection, or you could strike the vehicle if you're unable to stop in time.

Early care is critical when a spinal injury occurs

Spinal cord injuries impact every area of a person's life because they interrupt the function of the system. When it first occurs, the medical care you have to go through will be complex and likely frightening. It is imperative that the doctors do what they can to help you because this heightens the capacity for recovery.

Knowing what to expect if this ever happens can help you feel more at ease as you go through it. Remember, the priority at first is going to be keeping you alive. This might mean that they have to bypass your need for pain relief for a little bit, but they will handle that as soon as it is safe to do so.

Motorcycle accidents: SUV driver charged after fatal accident

A 75-year-old woman in Colorado was recently arrested after she allegedly caused the death of one person and serious injuries to another. Motorcycle accidents are more prevalent during the summer months, and this one reportedly happened on a recent Monday shortly after 11:15 a.m. According to the Boulder Police Department, the investigation is ongoing.

A preliminary accident report indicates that a motorcycle carrying two people was struck by the SUV when the driver failed to yield at an intersection. Reportedly, the male rider suffered fatal injuries and his death was pronounced at the crash scene. His female passenger survived, but she suffered serious injuries, and she was rushed to a hospital.

Criminal law and justice can be intimidating

Most people in Colorado and across the United States gain their knowledge about criminal justice from books, television and movies. However, criminal law can be intimidating, and those who are accused of committing crimes might have many questions. The arrest process for any of the different types of crimes can be a humiliating and scary experience, especially if it is a first offense.

Crimes against persons include robbery, rape, aggravated assault and murder. In contrast, property crimes involve arson, auto theft, burglary, larceny and any other property theft without causing bodily harm. Crimes that involve no victim or complainant are classified as crimes against morality, sometimes called victimless crimes, such as illegal drug use, prostitution and illegal gambling. Hate crimes are those that give rise to the prejudice of disability, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other protected human rights. They can be committed against property or persons.

A small car accident can give you a serious brain injury

Car accidents often affect victims in ways they do not expect, especially if their injuries are not visible or painful in the moments after an accident occurs. A minor brain injury is one of the most common and most impactful delayed onset injuries that may occur, because victims may or may not realize that they suffered an injury until problems develop in their professional and personal lives.

Mild traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can occur any time a person receives a blow to the head. In a car accident, a victim may easily suffer a blow to the head that they do not remember happening, so it is vitally important for all car accident victims to seek a complete medical examination as soon as possible. Catching a mild TBI quickly can help victims avoid long-term symptoms and keep the injury from affecting many areas of their lives.

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