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Accident Alert may follow too many car and motorcycle accidents

Colorado has already had its first snowfall for this winter. This means that there will likely be slushy road conditions -- increasing the chances for automobile and motorcycle accidents. Such circumstances sometimes lead to Accident Alerts being issued.

But what is an Accident Alert? They are issued by authorities when the numbers of crashes due to adverse weather conditions are so high that police officers and Colorado State Patrol troopers struggle to cope. When such an alert is issued, law enforcement only responds to the most serious accidents. In cases of minor collisions, drivers must exchange information and report the incident at a police station as soon as possible.

When a child is injured at school, who pays?

According to studies conducted by states’ departments of insurance, 10 to 25 percent of injuries to children under the age of 14 occur on school property or during school-related activities each year in America. Many injuries, of course, happen to elementary school-aged children, typically at recess or in gym class. Fortunately, very few of the injuries require more than a band-aid and soothing words by the school nurse. Too many, however, are quite serious and often result in trips to the hospital for emergency care. When a serious injury occurs on school property in Colorado, are the parents responsible for paying for medical care, or does the school assume liability for damages?

Liability depends on a couple of factors

Colorado’s favorite deadly highway

In case you have any doubts, I-25 running through the Denver area is recognized as one of Colorado’s most dangerous interstates. Through the first three-quarters of 2017, I-25 has been on the nightly news for accidents ranging from rush hour fender-benders to semi-truck oil spills that have closed the highway for more than a day.

Now that the winter snow season has hit the area, road conditions and driving behavior are only likely to get worse.

Drug charges after driver challenges K-9's right to sniff

On a recent Monday evening, Colorado law enforcement in Montrose County allegedly spotted a driver failing to maintain his lane on U.S. 550 and weaving over the yellow line. Police say the driver, a 45-year-old man with a history of drug charges, was subjected to a field sobriety test during which time his demeanor allegedly seemed consistent with that of a person impaired by marijuana. When asked, the suspect apparently denied the presence of illegal drugs in the vehicle.

Police further allege that the driver challenged the right of a K-9 officer at the scene to sniff the car for drugs, claiming the need for a warrant. However, they apparently informed him that reasonable suspicion was enough, and the dog went ahead and sniffed the vehicle. The subsequent search yielded a firearm along with several containers holding illegal drugs.

When passengers cause car accidents

There are many distractions that can take a driver's eyes off the road. All too often, unfortunately, these distractions result in car accidents. 

Most people know about the potential danger caused by distractions such as cellphone use, loud music, eating or using navigation systems. But did you know that your passengers can also contribute to a crash?

2 auto-pedestrian accidents in Colorado questioned

When Colorado residents lose loved ones in accidents that are caused by the negligence of other parties, they can pursue financial relief through the civil justice system regardless of whether the drivers are criminally charged or convicted. Two fatal auto\-pedestrian accidents in Colorado Springs occurred in March and May. The reason for the different legal outcomes is currently being questioned.

The first pedestrian was a 79-year-old man who walked across a parking space as a driver was backing his vehicle into it. The pedestrian suffered critical injuries to which he succumbed a week later. The 45-year-old driver was criminally charged after the pedestrian died, but the charges against him were dismissed within hours.

Who pays when injured in a rental car accident?

For tourists and locals alike, Colorado can be a year-round destination for recreational activities. This is especially true as we get closer to the winter months, when skiing and other snow sports attract many to the mountainsides.

People from out of state often need to rent a vehicle to get from the airport to their final destinations. So what happens when you get into an accident with a rental car? Who pays for vehicle damages and any injuries that may have been sustained?

Proving the other driver caused your accident

After an accident, it is vital to receive medical treatment for any injuries you have sustained. It is also important to ensure you receive full financial compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages and other damages. The most straightforward way to do so is usually to prove to the insurance company that the other driver is at fault for the car accident.

Although determining who caused an accident may seem easy to the untrained eye, it actually can be a complex process. It is important to understand what to do, or not to do, to help resolve your accident claim in your favor.

Criminal charge filed against suspect in car theft case

When a person in Colorado is accused of theft, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, it could have an impact on his or her future because it could be regarded as a reflection on one's character. For that reason, anybody facing a criminal charge would be best served by retaining experienced legal counsel. The way such charges are handled may limit the consequences in the future when it comes to employers, lenders and landlords who might have trouble trusting an individual who was convicted of theft.

These might be steps to be considered by two people who were arrested on a recent Sunday night. Reportedly, Colorado Springs police noticed a stolen car in a parking lot, and they followed the vehicle to a townhouse. However, the three occupants reportedly fled on foot when they saw the police nearby.

Hit-and-run accidents: Driver facing vehicular homicide charge

On Aug. 26, a 26-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle in Colorado. Sadly, this was just one of many hit-and-run accidents that occur in Denver every year. Losing a loved one in an automobile accident is understandably devastating, and if the driver did not even have the decency to stop, it exacerbates the trauma that the surviving family members must face.

Reportedly, the accident happened at about 2 a.m. when the pedestrian was crossing a street close to Coors Field. He suffered critical injuries that resulted in his death. Fortunately, law enforcement typically catches up with hit-and-run drivers sooner or later.

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