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Why Parole And Probation Violations Should Be Taken Seriously

While parole and probation are vastly different legal situations, they are both put in place in lieu of serving out a jail or prison sentence, and both have very strict terms. Unfortunately, however, very minor errors in judgment or even circumstances beyond your control can cause you to be accused of violating the rules of your probation or parole.

From being late to an appointment with your probation officer to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be facing unfair charges of parole or probation violations. What can be even more frightening than the ease at which you can be accused of such violations is the fact that, when a person is accused of such violations, the consequences can be extremely serious, as the accused may lose his freedom or even face new criminal charges.

At Flesch & Beck Law, our Denver parole and probation violation defense attorneys understand how grave these charges are, and we are here to fiercely defend the rights of the accused. We have a history of successfully defending our clients from these charges by:

  • Helping them to immediately comply with the terms of their parole or probation
  • Working with district attorneys to explain the accusations and defend the rights of the accused
  • Aggressively defending the accused rights during parole or probation violation hearings
  • Filing parole or probation violation appeals in the event of a negative decision against our clients

Denver Parole And Probation Violation Defense

Should you face an accusation of violating your parole or probation, it is critical to your freedom and future that you secure the expert legal services of the Denver parole and probation violation defense lawyers at the Flesch & Beck Law. Having our skilled legal professionals defend your rights is so vital because, during violation hearings:

  • There will only be a judge present to decide your case.
  • The district attorney only has to prove that it was likely that you violated the terms of your parole or probation (i.e., there is not a requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt in these hearings).

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