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Wondering How To Seal Your Criminal Records?

You don’t have to be convicted of a crime in order for there to be a criminal record associated with you; in many cases, merely being arrested or having charges filed against you can result in a criminal record — and the details of it may be visible to any party performing a criminal background check on you. However, depending on the circumstances of your case, the Denver expungement attorneys at the Flesch & Beck Law may be able to help you get these records sealed and clear your name of any criminal record.

Our skilled legal professionals are highly experienced with the complicated process of expungement. We are dedicated to helping our eligible clients seal their criminal records so that any negative marks on these records will no longer haunt our clients in future employment, lending or even social settings (once a record is sealed or expunged, only law enforcement and court authorities are privy to this information).

While eligibility requirements for expungement can be just as complex as the legal process associated with getting it granted, in general, those who may qualify for this legal recourse include individuals who have had their charges dismissed or who have:

  • Been found not guilty of charges filed against them
  • Fully completed court-ordered deferment or diversion programs
  • Had no further legal action taken against them following an arrest or the filing of charges

Expungement is not an option for those convicted of serious sexual offenses, violent crimes and aggravated juvenile crimes; however, many juvenile delinquency cases may be eligible for expungement.

Denver Record Sealing Lawyers And Attorneys Can Help

If you are considering having your records sealed to maximize your future opportunities, the Denver expungement lawyers at the Flesch & Beck Law encourage you to receive a FREE, thorough evaluation of your case. We can inform you of whether or not you are eligible for having your records sealed; additionally, our Denver record sealing attorneys can provide you with also professional legal advice regarding the best course of action in which to achieve expungement (if possible).

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