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Don’t Take Chances With Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges are overseen by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and federal courts, and they are among the most serious level of drug crimes that can be alleged against a person. While transporting drugs over state or national boundaries can cause federal drug charges to be filed, so too can cases that involve large amounts of illegal narcotics such as heroin and cocaine.

Other instances that may invoke federal drug charges include (but are not limited) to those that involve:

  • Arrests being made and/or investigations being conducted by federal agents
  • Drug crimes being committed by five or more people who are acting to advance a criminal organization or illegal enterprise (These will usually also be coupled with and compounded by racketeering charges)
  • Injuries or fatalities that involve federal officials, police or law enforcement agents

Federal Drug Crimes — Defense Strategies

The best way to defend someone accused of federal drug crimes will depend on the facts of the case, as well as whether the accused has prior drug convictions or any type of criminal record. In general, however, our federal drug charge defense lawyers have been successful in using the following arguments and strategies when it comes to defending our clients against these charges:

  • The Fourth Amendment was violated by law enforcement, as they illegally searched the individual or his property and/or illegally seized alleged evidence.
  • Investigators failed to legally conduct wiretaps.
  • The drugs in question did not belong to the victim, and the victim had no knowledge of them.
  • The accused has been wrongly identified as the offender.

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Because the freedom, family and the future of the accused can all be seriously compromised when federal drug charges are filed, it’s critical they secure the top-of-the-line defense representation that the lawyers at our firm can provide.

At Flesch & Beck Law, our Denver drug crimes attorneys are incredibly knowledgeable about federal drug laws while also being experienced at successfully litigating drug cases in federal courts. Both trusted and skilled, our top-notch legal professionals know how to investigate the facts of the case, poke holes in the prosecution’s case, gather evidence on behalf of the accused and — ultimately — provide our clients with the strongest possible defense.

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Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.