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We Are Your Denver Lawyers

Fighting For Your Freedoms In Criminal Defense Matters

It is nerve-wracking to be accused or suspected of a crime. The arrest process is scary and humiliating, and that is only the beginning. Whether this is your first encounter with the criminal justice system or you have prior offenses, you need to work with a proven defense lawyer.

At Flesch & Beck Law, you have direct access to experienced criminal defense attorneys. We have a reputation for getting good results for clients, including representation at trial when your freedom hangs in the balance. We will shepherd you through the criminal legal process, explaining what to expect at each stage and helping you make solid choices. Our team is committed to the best possible outcome for your situation.

Comprehensive Services In Criminal Law

Our firm represents the accused in Denver and surrounding counties, including members of the military stationed in Colorado and juveniles in trouble with the law. We cover the spectrum from traffic offenses and misdemeanors to the most serious felony crimes.

  • Criminal defense counsel — We act swiftly to protect your rights if you have been arrested or investigated in connection with any crime. In many cases our early intervention results in dismissed or reduced charges.
  • Arrest warrants — If police are seeking you or if there is a bench warrant for violating the court’s terms, we can challenge the underlying basis for the warrant or make arrangements for your surrender.
  • Bonding out of jail — We help clients and their families arrange for bail bonds, and at the first court appearance we have had success arguing for reduced bail or release without bail.
  • Motions and pretrial negotiations — Our lawyers go to work immediately. We have been successful with motions for dismissal, motions to suppress evidence and favorable out-of-court resolutions.
  • Trial advocacy — Our attorneys can and do try cases, which sets us apart from many criminal defense lawyers who avoid the courtroom and automatically seek a plea deal. We understand what is at stake and what it takes to mount a true defense.
  • Post-conviction relief — In the event of a conviction in criminal court, we can advocate for you in sentencing, motions, appeals and writs to try to “undo” or mitigate the adverse consequences.
  • Probation/parole violations — If you violated terms of probation or were arrested for a new offense, we take steps to get you back into the good graces of the court to avoid a jail sentence or a return to prison.
  • Sealing criminal records — If you were arrested but never charged, or even if you were convicted or pled guilty, you may be eligible after a period of time to have those records sealed. Employers and other parties will not see your criminal past on background checks.

Experienced Counsel For Every Stage Of The Criminal Justice System

We have law offices in Denver and Englewood. Call the criminal law attorneys of Flesch & Beck Law at 720-689-0322 or contact our team online for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.