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Hit-and-run accidents: Driver flees scene of fatal Denver crash

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents

Colorado police are looking for the driver of a car that caused the tragic death of a visitor to Denver from another state. A report by the Denver Police Department indicates that 14 fatalities in hit-and-run accidents were recorded this year, compared to seven last year and four in 2016. Reportedly, law enforcement has caught up with all but five of the 2018 hit-and-run perpetrators.

On Thanksgiving Day, a judge from another state, accompanied by his wife and his daughter who lives in Denver, were struck by a vehicle in an intersection. According to a police report, the incident occurred shortly after 8 p.m. when a driver ran a red light and hit the three pedestrians. The driver fled the accident scene, and none of the witnesses noticed more than the color of the car.

The father and daughter were rushed to a hospital, both with serious injuries. Sadly, the judge’s 65-year-old wife did not survive the accident. Police are now looking for a dark-colored car with windshield and other front-end damage.

Victims of hit-and-run accidents, and the surviving family members of those who lose their lives in such accidents, typically have a challenging time ahead as they consider steps to recover financial and emotional damages. An experienced Colorado personal injury attorney can explain the available options. Even if the perpetrator remains at large, uninsured insurance benefits, if available, might cover the damages. The lawyer can help to negotiate with insurance providers and any legal proceedings that might follow. Fortunately, those who flee the scene of an accident are usually caught, giving accident victims additional options for legal recourse.