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Featured / Apr 19,2024

Lane Filtering Law Passed For Motorcyclists in Colorado

Lane filtering in Colorado is officially legal starting August 7th, 2024. But before you hit the road weaving between lanes, it is crucial to understand the new law, its limitations, and safety protocols. Flesch & Beck Law is here to help you navigate the legalities and ensure a smooth, safe ride.

Here's What You Need to Know

With this new law, it is only natural that you have some questions. What is lane filtering? How will this affect you? Is it safe? Buckle in and hold on tight as we dive into your most pressing questions about lane filtering in Colorado. 

What is Lane Filtering?

Lane filtering, allows motorcyclists to ride between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic. While a new concept for Colorado, it is a practice followed in some other states.

Benefits of Lane Filtering

Proponents of lane filtering highlight several potential benefits:

Better Flow of Traffic

Though many drivers dislike zipper merging and other maneuvers that they deem “aggressive”, the state of Colorado actually encourages these behaviors. Driving all the way through an ending lane and merging with the flow of traffic rather than slowing down and waiting for a safe opening helps keep traffic moving. 

The same is true for lane filtering. By allowing motorcycles to filter through traffic jams, we should see an overall improvement in traffic flow. Motorcycle drivers do not make up a huge portion of drivers on the road–they only make up about 3% of vehicles nationally–but removing this addition from traffic congestion will help move the line along for everyone on the road. 

Safer for Motorcyclists

While motorcyclists do not make up the majority of vehicles on the road, they still make up for as much as 20% of fatal accidents every year. This is because of the sheer exposure that motorcycle drivers have to the road and other vehicles that those in cars and trucks do not have. 

Even with proper safety equipment and employing safe driving techniques, motorcyclists are still in danger of catastrophic injuries or death in an accident that might be a minor “fender bender” for car drivers. Lane filtering allows motorcyclists to escape stopped traffic, reducing the risk of being rear-ended by inattentive drivers.

Less Exposure to Extreme Weather

Sitting in stationary traffic can be especially uncomfortable and often unsafe for motorcyclists in extreme weather. Whether caught in a storm or sitting in the hot sun with layers of safety equipment on, these conditions can increase their likelihood of being involved in an accident. 

Lane filtering allows for some airflow and avoids overheating and over exposure to the elements.


While lane filtering offers potential advantages, many citizens are concerned about its implementation. Some of the apprehension surrounding this new law is warranted, while other complaints stem from a lack of education on the subject. Still, it is important that we look at both sides of this controversial issue. 

Some common concerns include:

  • Increased Risk of Accidents: Critics worry that lane filtering could increase the risk of accidents between motorcycles and drivers changing lanes or opening doors.
  • Motorcyclist Visibility: Motorcycles are smaller and less visible than cars, and lane filtering could make them even harder for drivers to see.
  • Rider Experience: Lane filtering requires experience, skill, and a comfort level maneuvering between vehicles.

What Does This Trial Period Mean for Coloradans?

The lane filtering law in Colorado is currently a three-year trial period. This allows the state to monitor the impact on traffic flow, safety statistics, and public perception before making a final decision on this issue. 

What does this mean for you? It means that you can rest easy knowing that your lawmakers are watching the situation closely and will make any necessary changes if it appears that this new law is putting our citizens in undue danger. 

Here at Flesch & Beck, we will be following these developments closely as to best represent you and your best interests

Will We See an Increase in Motorcycle Accidents?

One of the biggest concerns that Colordans have expressed about this new law is that we will see more motorcycle accidents with drivers weaving in and out of lanes. But is this the case with other states that have passed this same law? Not necessarily. 

In Washington, for example, statistics show that lane splitters were slightly more likely to crash into the rear of another vehicle but were significantly less likely to suffer head, neck, or torso injury, and also less likely to be fatally injured in a crash.

Only time will tell if lane filtering will lead to a rise in motorcycle accidents. It is important for both motorcyclists and drivers to be aware of the new law and adjust their behavior accordingly.

  • Motorcyclists: Ride defensively, maintain safe speeds, and use proper lane positioning while lane filtering.
  • Drivers: Check mirrors before changing lanes, be aware of motorcyclists who might be lane filtering, and avoid sudden lane changes.

Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? Call Flesch & Beck Today

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, regardless of fault, Flesch & Beck Law can help. Our experienced personal injury attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by motorcyclists and will fight to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today for a free consultation at 303-806-8886 or visit us online.

Remember: Lane filtering is a new practice in Colorado. Ride safely, be aware of your surroundings, and follow the law. Flesch & Beck hopes everyone enjoys a safe and smooth ride this season!

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