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Hit and run: another sad story, another vulnerable Colorado victim

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2016 | Hit And Run Accidents

It’s certainly a gut check on your ethics and sense of empathy — or lack thereof — for a fellow human being.

Today’s blog subject is motor vehicle hit-and-run accidents, a topic that is at once tragic and perplexing.

Sadly, too, it is recurring, with no dearth of stories in Colorado or any other state featuring badly injured — or, too often, dead — bicyclists or pedestrians on the side of a road and the perpetrators of such a heinous act and dire outcome in hiding and seeking permanent anonymity.

To be sure, some human catalysts of hit-and-run accidents in fact were unaware that they struck another human being and left that person behind without stopping to offer vitally important aid. Many people who flee an accident scene subsequently argue that very point to police officers, to be sure.

But many more are clearly guilty of a crass criminal act and fully cognizant of it. And that awareness certainly makes hit-and-run incidents one of the most chilling traffic outcomes that ever occurs on Colorado and national roadways.

A sad reminder of such an incident recently surfaced with news that a cyclist was struck by a car on U.S. 36 north near Boulder in broad daylight hours. The driver fled the scene of that hit-and-run accident and was still at large, with the cyclist critically injured and receiving care at a Denver hospital, as of the date of filed media reports that this blog post relied upon to bring readers this sad story.

We fervently wish the victim a full recovery and hope that justice fully prevails in the case and all similar incidents that occur anywhere in the state.