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Interstate intersections most dangerous in Denver

Accidents can occur anywhere, but according to the Denver Police Department, the intersections with the most accidents in the first two months of 2017 are not surface streets but on the major highways that go through the city. Westword reports on the data compiled by the DPD, revealing the worst places for accidents. You do need to drive carefully all the time, but you should be extra aware in places where many accidents occur.  

Here are the top 10 problem areas in the Denver area with the number of accidents from January 1 through March 5: 

  • I-25 at 6th Ave., 60  
  • I-70 at I-25, 35
  • I-25 at 20th St., 30
  • I-70 at Northfield/Quebec, 30
  • I-70 at Havana St., 29
  • I-25 at Santa Fe Dr., 28
  • I-70 at Peoria St., 26
  • I-25 at Alameda Ave., 26
  • I-25 at 23rd Ave., 22
  • I-25 at Yale Ave., 20 

The problem of distracted driving in Colorado

Nationally, the Center for Disease Control estimates about eight people die each day because of distracted driving. The Colorado Department of Transportation believes that distracted driving causes 40 accidents every day within the state. Some assume that teenagers and young adults are the worst offenders for distracted driving, but drivers of all ages can easily get distracted. Talking on the phone or texting is not the only distraction that can take your attention away from the road. 

There are three types of distractions

  • Visual distractions are when you take your eyes off the road; for example, you look at your phone to see who is calling you.
  • Manual distractions are when you take your hands off the wheel. You change the radio channel or eat a burger.
  • Cognitive distractions occur when you take your mind off driving, such as carrying on a heated conversation. 

Tips for driving safely in the mountains

Winter weather can affect local travel routes by shutting down roads after heavy snows. What a lot of people do not realize is that Colorado weather can be the most unpredictable and volatile in the country. COTrip reports that conditions in Colorado can vary minute to minute and even mile to mile. Anyone who has lived here any length of time knows that snow is possible in the highest elevations year-around. 

Avoid accidents on a mountain road by remembering these tips: 

  • Pay attention to the speeds as you enter the curves. Instead of braking after you enter a turn, brake early and coast through the turn. This gives your vehicle more stability.
  • Brake before entering the downgrade. It is better for your car if you start braking before you pick up speed halfway down the hill.
  • Have a full tank of gas when you head into the mountains. 
  • Watch for quickly changing weather conditions as you change altitudes.
  • Know the pulse braking method for going downhill. Do not constantly apply pressure to your brakes, but give the brake pads a chance to cool off between speeding up to be more effective. 

Helping injured victims may lead to auto-pedestrian accidents

Sometimes, witnesses to crashes react instinctively and rush to help the victims. However, they may not realize that, in doing so, they are putting their own lives at risk. Auto-pedestrian accidents often involve good Samaritans. The Colorado State Patrol has reported about such an accident in Boulder.

Reportedly, at approximately 10:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday evening, a family witnessed a crash and rushed over to assist the injured victims. It was later reported that the accident involved an alleged impaired 51-year-old driver who crashed into another vehicle. While the good Samaritans were at the scene, a third vehicle slammed into them.

Motorcycle accidents: 3 common injuries that can be costly

Bikers nationwide, including in Colorado, are exceptionally vulnerable when they are out riding, and injuries can have devastating consequences. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in severe injuries or death. Because motorcycles have only two wheels, they fall over in a crash -- often crushing a biker's leg. The Centre for Neuro Skills says bone fractures are the most common motorcycle injuries -- including leg, pelvis and shoulder bones, along with wrists and arms as they instinctively try to break the biker's fall.

Another common injury suffered by bikers is road rash, which is caused when riders inevitably make contact with the road surface. These injuries are classified in three degrees of severity. Mild abrasions that cause a redness of the skin are first-degree injuries. Broken skin without damage to underlying layers is a second degree injury. Road rash of the third degree removes the outer layers of the skin and leaves the fat and tissue layers underneath exposed.

Common types of dog bite injuries children are at risk for

If you have small children and live in a neighborhood in Colorado that has lots of dogs, you may be worried about the kind of injuries your kids could sustain if a canine ever attacks. Many children love to play with dogs but are not aware of the dangers they face. The majority of dog bite attack injuries occur to children's heads and necks because of their small size, leading to worse situations than you might expect.

Dog bite attacks can change you and your children’s lives in ways you have yet to imagine. In addition to the physical suffering, there are also emotional effects to consider. Take some time to learn about the common types of dog bite injuries that can occur in an attack so you take measures to protect your children from them. 

Bicycle safety laws that might surprise you

When you go cycling, you might think that you're free of the restrictions of driving a car. However, though a bicycle is not a motor vehicle, you still must follow the laws of the road, the same as drivers.

Colorado statute 42-4-1412 deals with bicycles on the road. Law enforcement can issue citations to bike riders for violating the law, just as they can to auto drivers. It is important to know the laws pertaining to cyclists to stay safe on the road. 

TIps for cyclists when sharing the road with other motorists

Many consider Denver to be a mecca for mountain bikes, with its beautiful views and miles of trails. But sharing these adventurous roads with motor vehicles can be dangerous or even deadly if cyclists are not extremely cautious.

Cyclists should always obey all traffic regulations, just as if they were in a motor vehicle. However, they also need to go beyond typical driving concerns. 

Drug charges filed against alleged drug kingpin in Colorado

After a 12-month investigation by the Denver Strike Force, law enforcement recently raided a Colorado grocery store in Aurora. Several people were taken into custody, and they are now facing drug charges. Authorities say those arrested were allegedly part of a massive smuggling scheme in which methamphetamine and cocaine are brought into Colorado from another country.

Reportedly, the drugs were hidden in secret compartments of the vehicles that were used to bring them into Colorado. Investigators determined that the drugs were brought to the grocery store from three different stash houses in Aurora. Parceling and distribution were apparently then done at the store. Investigators claim that the business also serves as a money transfer station by which way the proceeds were then sent back to the country of origin.

Alleged carjacker now faces the wrath of Colorado criminal law

In Colorado, any person's criminal record can jeopardize his or her ability to secure a job and rent an apartment. It can even affect child custody and visitation rights. In fact, any charges under criminal law can adversely influence an individual's future. Such might be the prospects of a man that was arrested on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report by Denver police, they received a report of a carjacking and rushed to the scene. During their search, they came upon a wrecked car that proved to be a stolen vehicle. Officers noticed a man fleeing the accident scene on foot and followed him. When they spotted the suspect on the roof of a building, they commandeered the K-9 unit and a SWAT team.

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