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Auto-pedestrian accidents: Suspected DUI driver reports accident

One man suffered serious injuries in a car accident recently, and another was arrested because officers suspected him of drunk driving. This followed an incident in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday in which a driver struck a pedestrian. Auto-pedestrian accidents can be challenging for Colorado law enforcement to investigate, particularly if there were no witnesses.

According to the police department in Greeley, a call was received from a driver who reported striking a pedestrian. Upon arrival at the accident scene, officers found the caller's vehicle with a broken windshield and front-end damage. Lying in the roadway was a 30-year-old pedestrian who had suffered serious injuries. He was transported by road to the North Colorado Medical Center from where he was later transferred to a hospital in Denver for surgery and further treatment.

Will the new Colorado texting laws endanger teen drivers?

A brand new 2017 Colorado law increases the fine for texting while driving from $50 to $300, and the accompanying driver's license points now stand at four. While the state widely disseminated this information at the time it passed the law, less noticeable was the provision that revises the law to make texting while driving legal.

Many state and government agencies have released studies on the dangers of distracted driving, and topping the list are cell phone use and texting. These are major contributors to teen fatalities in motor vehicle crashes. Does the new Colorado law increase the danger for teen drivers?

Senior brains may suffer from alcohol consumption

Most older individuals in Colorado believe that they are still fit enough to drive. Their aging bodies and minds are not enough to keep them from exercising their independence and freedom.

However, many of these people are not aware of the ways old age can impair their ability to operate their vehicles safely. With old age comes diminished health, slower response times, vision challenges and reduced decision-making and cognitive skills. These factors and more increase the risk of dangerous car accidents for seniors and others, and the issues become worse when alcohol is involved.

Criminal law: 4 men face multiple felonies re Colorado robberies

Earlier in the year, a string of attempted robberies and robberies occurred at various Colorado businesses and banks. The office of the Denver District Attorney recently announced that four individuals have now been charged with multiple felonies for incidents that happened from May 23 to June 14. The ages of the four accused men are 39, 28, 21 and 19.

The two older men face 44 and 40 charges, respectively. These include violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, aggravated robbery, burglary, kidnapping and more. The 39-year-old man was allegedly involved in six robberies and attempted robberies while the 28-year-old man allegedly participated in four other robberies and one attempted robbery that were all carried out between June 6 and June 14.

The rise in autonomous vehicles and your safety

Currently, there is legislation up for consideration that will make way for autonomous vehicles to operate on a regular basis, and some will not require a driver. Certain large franchises are pushing for the approval of such bills, as it will allow them to reduce shipping costs. Though this could be a win for big business, what does it do for public safety?

While the implementation of advanced technologies helps to increase the safety of autonomous vehicles, there is still room for concern amongst consumers. What is truly being done to protect the safety of all parties on the road? Thankfully, there are guidelines in place and developing testing options intended to try to increase safety.

Dealing with large trucks on the road

As if Colorado drivers already do not have enough reasons to be wary of commercial trucks on the state's highways, a surprise brake inspection event in the beginning of May revealed a serious problem with brake violations.

On May 3, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted unannounced roadside brake inspections for big rigs in the United States and Canada. Out of almost 10,000 inspected trucks, about 20 percent had violations that necessitated their removal from the road. The overwhelming majority of sidelined trucks suffered from critical brake violations.

Hit and run accidents: Woman arrested after striking 11-year-old

A Medina Alert was issued on a recent Tuesday afternoon following an incident in which an 11-year-old boy suffered serious injuries. Medina Alert is a statewide program in Colorado that calls for public help after hit and run accidents to locate the responsible drivers. The response of an observant driver helped law enforcement to identify the owner of the suspected vehicle and to a woman's arrest later that same evening.

Shortly before noon on that Tuesday, the boy was at a lemonade stand with friends when he was struck by a driver who then raced away from the scene. Along with serious injuries to his entire left side, the child also had a bleeding head wound. It was later determined that he had suffered a fractured skull. Witnesses described the car to police, and the alert went out that described the make, model and color of the car along with suspected damage to the passenger side mirror.

Drug charges may no longer be based on the smell of marijuana

Drivers in Colorado who were arrested after their cars were searched without search warrants but based on indications by K-9 officers that there were illegal items in the vehicles may be interested in a recent ruling of the Colorado Court of Appeals. Up to now, law enforcement was allowed to base vehicle searches purely on the presence of a smell of marijuana. However, the court ruled that a vehicle may not be searched, and drug charges filed solely on the basis of a smell of pot. The court's decision follows the end of marijuana prohibition.

A three-judge panel said sniffer dogs are typically trained to identify the smells of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, Ecstacy and marijuana or cannabis. However, because the dogs cannot talk, police have no idea which of these smells were detected. It could be only marijuana, and because it is no longer a prohibited drug, the smell of it does not provide a lawful reason to search the vehicle. Only if other legitimate reasons exist for a search without a warrant may it be done.

Aftermath of 4th of July leaves pedestrian accident victim dead

Every year, car accidents following Fourth of July parties claim many lives nationwide. Typically, a large number of these accidents involve pedestrians. In Colorado, a car struck a visitor from another state in a pedestrian accident that caused his death.

Police in Westminster reported that they were called to the scene of the accident in the very early hours of July 5. They arrived to find the critically injured victim and no car. The 24-year-old man was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive. Life support machines kept him alive until his lungs, liver and heart could be removed for donation.

When auto accidents cause traumatic brain injury

Car accidents can cause many types of injuries. Most severe injuries are immediately apparent, drawing the attention of first responders and emergency room personnel.

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, often results in extremely serious consequences. However, even severe TBI may not always surface immediately, sometimes taking as long as a few days to develop noticeable symptoms. You may leave the accident scene believing you feel fine, yet in several days develop symptoms such as severe headaches, loss of function and even coma.

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