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Understanding Drug Manufacturing Charges In Colorado

When charges of drug manufacturing are filed in the state of Colorado, they can be as serious as class 2 felony charges, should the accusations involve manufacturing of a Schedule I or II controlled substance — such as heroin, cocaine, meth amphetamines, etc. While class 2 felony convictions can carry up to 24 years in prison (which can be doubled by judges depending on the circumstances of the case), regardless of the class of the felony charges filed, the accused will likely be facing the following penalties should they be convicted of drug manufacturing:

  • Prison sentences, followed by parole terms, which are typically mandatory for a number of years

  • Expensive court-ordered restitution fines

  • Drug rehabilitation and/or education classes

  • Community service requirements

  • Loss of reputation, standing in the community and/or potential to secure gainful employment in the future

The sooner the accused secure our trusted, top-notch legal services, the better the chances will be that they will:

  • Get the charges against them reduced or dismissed entirely, when possible
  • Resolve their case efficiently and in the most favorable manner possible

Defending You Against Drug Manufacturing Charges

While the nature of our defense strategies will depend on the exact charges filed — as well as whether the accused has a criminal record, whether federal drug charges have been filed, etc., our Denver drug defense lawyers may use any of the following arguments to break down the prosecutor’s case and build our clients the strongest possible defense:

  • There is insufficient evidence to support the charges (i.e., alleged possession of drug paraphernalia does not support charges of drug manufacturing).
  • The evidence was illegally obtained by the police or other law enforcement authorities. (Evidence can be illegally obtained when police do not follow the terms of a search warrant, search property without probable cause, etc.)
  • The equipment and/or drugs found do not belong to the accused.

We strongly urge those facing drug charges to learn more about their legal rights as soon as possible. For a FREE, no-obligations evaluation of your case, contact Flesch & Beck Law today by emailing or calling us at 720-689-0322.

Verdicts And Settlements

Our team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts, six-figure settlements and many significant defense victories.