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Injuries / Jul 22,2019

Early care is critical when a spinal injury occurs

Spinal cord injuries impact every area of a person’s life because they interrupt the function of the system. When it first occurs, the medical care you have to go through will be complex and likely frightening. It is imperative that the doctors do what they can to help you because this heightens the capacity for recovery.

Knowing what to expect if this ever happens can help you feel more at ease as you go through it. Remember, the priority at first is going to be keeping you alive. This might mean that they have to bypass your need for pain relief for a little bit, but they will handle that as soon as it is safe to do so.

Early emergency care

At the scene of the accident, you will need to have your spine stabilized. This involves placing you on a hard backboard and placing a neck brace around you. The less you move your spine now, the better you might fare. Any excess movement can lead to a worsening of the injury. To put it simply, stabilizing your spine could mean the difference between complete paralysis and partial recovery, in some cases.

Because a spinal cord injury impacts the area of the body below it, there is a chance that your involuntary bodily systems will need support after the accident. A neck injury, for example, can mean that you will need ventilator support to breathe. When you are getting initial care, keeping these systems functioning is a top priority.

Ongoing care

You might be in the hospital for a while after the car wreck if you have this type of injury. The care you go through is going to revolve around your personal needs. After the initial stabilization, you might need to be provided with neuroprotection measures. This can include spinal cord cooling or steroid support.

Therapy is another component of the care you are likely going to get. While this was once delayed for a prolonged period to allow the spinal cord to rest, it is now known that starting in the early days might boost the potential recovery.

Some patients will require surgery, which can be a complex procedure. The recovery from this might be difficult; however, the decision isn’t taken lightly. You might suffer more harm if you don’t have the surgery. Be sure to speak to your doctor about your options so you can find out what is needed for your case.

As you can imagine, all the care needed after this type of catastrophic injury can be costly. You might choose to seek compensation from the person who caused the car wreck. This may reduce your financial stress so you can focus on learning to live with the injury.

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