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Personal Injury / Jan 18,2024

Are Ski Lifts Dangerous?

What You Need to Know About Ski Lift Accidents

Skiing is a rite of passage for most Coloradans. Each winter, millions of people head to the slopes, jumping on and off ski lifts without a second thought. These convenient modes of transportation, however, can be dangerous. If you are injured in a ski lift accident, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. 

At Flesch and Beck Law, we represent individuals who have been injured in ski lift accidents throughout Denver and the surrounding areas. Our personal injury lawyers will help guide you through the claims process and work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to book your consultation. 

How Common Are Ski Lift Accidents?

A fatal fall from a chairlift at the Breckenridge Ski Resort in March 2023 renewed concerns over the safety of ski lifts throughout the United States. The 60-year-old man was reportedly cleaning snow from the chair with the restraint bar lifted when he fell 25 feet to his death. Fortunately, fatalities from ski lifts are rare. 

According to the latest information available from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), there were only 13 ski lift-related deaths over a 45-year period. Furthermore, the vast majority of the incidents were the result of human error. 

What Causes Most Ski Lift Accidents?

Causes of ski lift accidents vary. The NSAA notes that approximately 86% of falls from chair lifts are caused by skier error. While rare, accidents caused by mechanical malfunction do happen and should be reported immediately.

Common causes of ski lift accidents:

  • Human error
  • Medical issues
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Mechanical malfunction

While there may only be slightly over a dozen fatal ski lift accidents over the last several decades, there are a significant number of injuries that happen each season. Injuries should be taken seriously. Any person injured while riding a ski lift should seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible. 

What Types of Injuries Occur in Ski Lift Accidents?

Injuries at ski lifts can vary depending on the type of accident. When someone falls from any height, the most common injury is blunt force trauma. Other injuries can include positional asphyxia, back injuries, and facial fractures. As with fatal ski lift accidents, most injuries are caused by human error, but some are the result of mechanical malfunction. One of the most frequent kinds of mechanical malfunctions is when the cable line snaps, causing the chairlift to become disengaged. 

Injured in a Ski Lift Accident? Contact Our Office. 

Were you injured in a ski lift accident in Colorado? Contact our office to speak directly with an experienced member of our personal injury legal team. We will work with you to determine whether you have a valid claim for damages. 

Our lawyers are well-versed in helping injury victims throughout Denver and the surrounding areas get the compensation they deserve. Call now to get the legal help you need. All consultations are free and provided without obligation to retain our services. Get the personal, focused representation you need today.

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