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Auto Accidents / Jun 03,2023

3 types of safety gear that help to prevent cycling collisions

Thousands of people in Colorado travel on bicycles every day during the warmer months. Some rent bicycles as a way of getting around town on vacation with their family, while others train as triathletes. Although cyclists have different bikes and different motivations for going out for a ride, they largely face the same risks.

Cyclists get hurt by motorists who don’t pay attention to traffic and can end up suffering broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries as a result of collisions caused by those in motor vehicles. Cyclists can take certain steps to reduce their risk of a collision, including carefully following traffic laws so that they don’t directly cause a collision by making the wrong choice in traffic. Cyclists can also protect themselves by investing in proper safety equipment.


Many adult cyclists choose to forgo helmets, as they convince themselves they aren’t protective enough to make them worthwhile. Although it may be true companies don’t design bicycle helmets to withstand the force of an impact caused by a motor vehicle, having a helmet on can drastically increase someone’s chance of survival in the event of a collision. Cyclists who consistently wear helmets may have better outcomes if they ever do get hit by a vehicle.

Protective eyewear

There are two reasons that having one’s eyes covered on a bicycle is of incredible importance. The first is that glare could temporarily blind someone and lead to them making a mistake in traffic that leads to serious injury. The second is that other vehicles passing nearby could potentially kick up stones or other debris and could injure someone or possibly blind them. Having a physical barrier over the eyes not only prevents vision issues caused by sunny conditions but also protects people against physical trauma.

Illuminated brake lights and turn signals

There are aftermarket additions that people can install on their bicycles to provide illuminated communication with others in traffic. Having a system that displays brake lights and blinking turn signals, either powered by the kinetic energy of the bike or by a battery pack, can make it easier for someone to communicate with others in traffic without taking their hands off of the handlebars to indicate an upcoming turn or stop while also draw your tension due to the flashing lights.

Having and consistently using proper safety gear can be as important as following traffic rules when it comes to preventing bicycle collisions. Routinely inspecting and occasionally upgrading equipment can help someone to minimize the risks that they face if they ever do experience a bicycle collision. If you have been injured in a bike accident, contact the team at Flesch & Beck Law for a free consultation.

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