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The risks of driving in the city

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Auto Accidents, Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Most Colorado residents know there are hazards any time you hit the highway. Between semi-trucks, high speeds and distracted drivers, a potential accident is near every exit ramp. However, what about driving through an urban area?

Most drivers have to stay extra vigilant while traveling through cities, like Denver. There are numerous risks associated with the city, including:

Narrow spaces

Most metropolitan areas have narrow streets and parked cars down every avenue. If someone opens their car door without checking, you can easily smash right into their vehicle. The same is true if someone isn’t paying attention and start to drift in your lane. There is little room to respond or move out of the way for hazards.

Increase of pedestrians

There are always crossways for pedestrians across any city. However, many pedestrians act unpredictable and try to maneuver across the street when they shouldn’t. It puts drivers in a tough position where they have to pay attention to pedestrians while also focusing on other drivers. There is also a similar sentiment to cyclists as they need to share the road with drivers to get around Denver.

An abundance of aggressive drivers

The city environment also breeds aggressive drivers who cut people off, dart in and out of lanes and even speed through intersections to make it through a traffic light. All these behaviors are incredibly risky to themselves and others on the road. Unfortunately, the best strategy to avoid this hazard is to practice defensive driving whenever you are behind the wheel.

Higher road congestion

The biggest risk is the increase of traffic on the roadways. In rural areas or major highways, there is room to maneuver around other vehicles. However, in the city, you are limited in space and ability to respond in a dangerous situation. It leaves you stuck in the environment you’re in.

Despite these hazards, there are ways to travel safely through the cities. The most important tip is to pay attention and stay focus while driving. You can only control your actions and not the actions of others.