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How a contingency fee makes a personal injury attorney accessible

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Injuries

Much like doctors, attorneys go through years of additional schooling to master the knowledge necessary for their careers. They are subject to strict licensing requirements by the state, as well as ethical oversight for their behavior both in the courtroom and in their personal life. Attorneys can typically command a premium for their services, often charging hundreds of dollars per hour.

While those costs appropriately reflect the expenses attorney incurs in maintaining their practice and establishing themselves in their professions, those costs often make working-class individuals feel like the legal system is not accessible to them.

Especially for those struggling financially because of a car crash caused by someone else or another serious injury, the idea of spending money to hire an attorney may seem irresponsible given their current situation. The good news for these individuals is that some personal injury attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis for cases with strong evidence supporting their claim.

What is a contingency fee basis for an attorney?

A contingency is a term or condition that must be met in order for something else to happen. When referring to legal services rendered, a contingency fee arrangement typically means that the plaintiff bringing a civil suit against someone who caused them an injury will not have any costs unless the attorney is successful in pleading the case to the court.

Instead of paying a large retainer and then frequently receiving bills for the number of hours the attorney has worked on their case, plaintiffs in a contingency fee personal injury case won’t have to worry about costs until after the courts rule in their favor.

At that time, the attorney will take their fees from the amount collected from the other party. The contingency fee system allows those who deserve justice but cannot afford to pay an attorney out of pocket to get skilled representation and connect with the compensation they deserve.

An attorney working on a contingency fee basis has motivation

All lawyers have a theoretical obligation to act in the best interests of their clients, but some of them have heavy caseloads and otherwise can’t give their full attention and focus to each individual case they try.

Those getting paid on a contingency fee basis may have more motivation to push for a better outcome specifically because they may receive more payment for their services if they secure more compensation for their client. Don’t let a lack of liquid capital or income stop you from pursuing a civil case against someone who hurt you or a loved one. Exploring various options, like securing an attorney on a contingency fee basis, can help you seek compensation and justice.