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Alleged parent and child shoplifters may face criminal charges

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2017 | Criminal Law

When adults involve children in criminal activities, they put their rights and freedom under threat. Facing criminal charges is serious, and if children are encouraged to commit crimes, the wrath of the law will be even more severe. This may be the case for a couple sought by Colorado police after they were apparently caught on camera while allegedly shoplifting.

According to a police report, the suspected shoplifters are a couple and what are presumed to be their children. One surveillance camera in a department store apparently showed the mother and daughter — believed to be about 10 years old — looking at purses and jewelry. At the same time, another camera recorded the father and his son of about 7 years of age browsing at the other end of the store. Officials allege they all concealed items of merchandise that they had removed from the shelves.

Store detectives allege they attempted to apprehend the parents and the children as they were on their way out of the store after paying only for some of the merchandise. However, upon the approach of the detectives, all four scattered and ran away. Reportedly, they were later seen driving off in a vehicle with temporary registration plates.

While these are only allegations that had not been proved in court, such criminal charges could be serious. While the shoplifting allegations appear to be misdemeanor charges, contributing to juvenile delinquency can result in the charges being elevated to felonies. Any Colorado residents facing such charges may be wise to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect their rights and advocate for them in court.

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