Experienced Car Accident Injury Attorneys

An auto collision is one of the most traumatic things a person will ever experience. The aftermath of a crash is all a blur until the shock wears off and the reality hits home. Physical pain. Emotional anxiety. Your wrecked car. Insurance adjusters. Bill collectors.

At FleschLaw, we strive to give clients relief from these worries. When you are recovering from serious injuries, you don't need the added stress of figuring out legal matters. Our Denver car accident lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and the details of your claims so you can rest and get your life back. We will do everything possible to ensure that you get quality health care and maximum compensation.

You Focus On Healing. We Take Care Of The Rest.

Personal injury attorney Kevin Flesch has recovered millions of dollars for victims of motor vehicle accidents in Metro Denver and throughout Colorado. He is attuned to the unique legal issues and injuries in:

After an auto accident, it is critical to seek legal counsel immediately. Evidence and witness accounts must be preserved. Deadlines must be met. Insurance adjusters will press for a recorded statement or perhaps an on-the-spot settlement.

We will assist with access to medical care, payment of doctors' bills and repair of your vehicle. We will intervene to make sure that you do not say something to the insurance company that would hurt your claim.

Full Value For Your Car Accident Injuries

Once you are back to 100 percent or as fully recovered as possible, that's when our work starts. We will fully develop a case for damages that covers medical bills, future care, lost wages and projected earnings (if you can't work), plus compensation for any permanent disability and your pain and suffering.

Our car accident attorneys understand insurance coverage and how to conduct an investigation to build a strong case for liability and the maximum value of your claim. The insurance companies know us as formidable trial lawyers who will file suit and follow through all the way to a jury if necessary.

For compassionate service and aggressive representation, call FleschLaw at 720-689-0322 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. We have offices in Denver and Englewood.