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Charged With Trafficking Or Transporting Drugs?

While all drug offense charges are serious, those associated with drug transportation, also referred to as drug trafficking, are typically among the most severe, as they can involve:

  • Federal drug charges when transportation occurs across state or national boundaries
  • Charges of drug distribution or selling drugs, when large quantities of drugs are found and/or when the drugs in questioned are packed as though they are intended for sale (i.e., in smaller, individual portions)
  • Other criminal charges such as charges of money laundering, racketeering, etc.

Drug trafficking charges can be filed against an individual who is suspected of:

  • Possessing large amounts of an illegal narcotic (particularly if that drug is found to be packaged in such a way that would make it ready to sell)
  • Selling illegal drugs
  • Transporting illegal drugs (While transporting illegal drugs within the state of Colorado will lead to state-level drug trafficking charges, being accused of transporting illegal drugs across state or U.S. borders will result in federal drug trafficking charges, which are associated with far more serious penalties upon conviction.)

Defending Against Drug Trafficking Charges

In the event that you are charged with drug trafficking, it will be critical that you work with an experienced Denver drug crimes lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you have the best possible chances of resolving your case as favorably as possible.

While the best defense against drug trafficking charges will depend on the specific charges filed against you (as well as whether you have a criminal record and other specific details of the case), in general, an experienced lawyer may be able to argue:

  • The drugs in question did not belong to you, and you had no knowledge that these drugs existed.
  • Police obtained knowledge of the drugs or seized the drugs through illegal means, which violated your Fourth Amendment rights that protect you against illegal search and seizure.
  • Some of the evidence against you should not be admissible in court because police violated your Fifth Amendment rights by failing to read you your Miranda rights before arresting or questioning you.

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