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How can Med Pay coverage help after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Auto Accidents

People tend to assume that car insurance policies will take care of them after a crash. There are massive marketing campaigns that brag about fast claim turnarounds and generous compensation, all of which can make people believe that they will receive exactly the support they need should they end up injured in a car crash. Yet, how much help insurance proves to be will depend largely on the terms of someone’s coverage.

Drivers in Colorado have the option of carrying numerous types of insurance coverage. The state requires liability insurance, which is coverage that will pay for other people’s losses when the policyholder is at fault for a crash. Drivers also have the option of adding uninsured motorist, comprehensive and Med-Pay coverage.

What can people who purchase Med Pay coverage expect after a crash?

They receive no-fault medical coverage

The driver has the protection of medical coverage available after a crash with no deductible, which is often not the case for those with standard health insurance coverage. The occupants of their vehicle will also have coverage even if they don’t have health insurance. Having Med Pay coverage available reduces the likelihood of someone in the vehicle getting hurt and not receiving the treatment they require.

Med Pay coverage can offer as little as $5,000 or up to $100,000 in coverage for necessary medical treatment. Med Pay can cover ambulance transportation costs, hospital bills, surgery expenses and physical therapy costs. Med Pay will not cover lost wages. Additionally, the amount of Med Pay coverage carried is a firm limit. If someone has costs that go beyond what someone purchased, the insurance company will not cover those additional medical expenses.

Do Med Pay claims increase policy costs?

Typically, if someone only needs to use their Med Pay coverage and does not have to make a claim against their liability coverage because the other driver was at fault for the crash, a Med Pay-only claim against their policy should not have any drastic impact on what they pay for coverage.

Many motorists, especially those concerned about uninsured drivers, may find that carrying Med Pay coverage gives them peace of mind. Seeking legal guidance to make sense of the different types of coverage that can apply after a car crash can help someone actually get the support they need after a wreck.