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How much will a case of whiplash cost you?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash simply do not receive the respect that they deserve based on the kind of damage they cause. Most people worry about more catastrophic injuries if they experience a car crash and have a dismissive attitude about whiplash despite how significantly this condition could affect somebody’s life.

Every injury following a car wreck is unique, and no two soft tissue injuries are exactly identical. However, when you understand the potential financial impact of whiplash, you may become a better advocate for yourself when dealing with insurance providers or the other driver.

How much will whiplash cost you?

Thousands of dollars in medical care

Whether you need pain relief and muscle relaxants to help you handle your symptoms or your case is severe enough to warrant physical therapy, you may require weeks of medical support.

Even the imaging testing required to conclusively diagnose soft tissue injuries could cost thousands of dollars, to say nothing of emergency transportation to the hospital and ongoing treatments.

The more severe your symptoms are, the more it will cost you to get back to your pre-injury baseline health condition.

Thousands or more in lost wages

Some people with whiplash will only miss a few days of work until they get their pain under control. Others with more serious symptoms could miss weeks or months of work.

The more physical someone’s job is, the more likely they are to need a leave of absence or possibly to move into a different profession because of their whiplash from a car crash. Some workers might lose a job because they need so much time off to recover that their employer can no longer accommodate them and must instead replace them.

Insurance may not be enough

Drivers in Colorado can legally operate on public roads with just $25,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage. That $25,000 will need to cover not only your hospital bills but also your lost wages. Some people coping with soft tissue injuries after a motor vehicle collision will need to pursue a lawsuit against the other driver or look into third-party liability as a source of compensation.

Understanding that whiplash from a motor vehicle collision could cause lasting financial harm will help you better evaluate your options following a wreck where you get hurt.