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How can a pedestrian stay safe in the winter?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Colorado winters can be violent, frustrating affairs – beautiful weather one day and a foot of snow the next. And while it might be pleasant to watch the falling snow from the comfort of your own home, those driving or walking in the bad weather risk serious injuries at every turn.

Poor weather can lead to slippery surfaces and challenging visibility. What are some steps a pedestrian can take to protect their safety while walking or jogging in the winter months? Here are eight simple steps that can be followed by pedestrians:

  • Eliminate distractions: By avoiding phone calls, texting or reading while walking, you can stay attentive and aware of your surroundings.
  • Stay visible: By wearing bright, reflective clothing pedestrians can remain visible to drivers day or night.
  • Consider your shoes: While some footwear might be stylish, it might not be safe on slippery surfaces. Plan your shoes so you can walk safely.
  • Consider the time: While some outings might necessitate a walk in the dark, it is wise to plan your time so you are walking while you are clearly visible to drivers.
  • Travel light: When walking on slippery surfaces or in the snow, it is wise to lighten your load as much as possible. Avoid carrying items that might alter your balance.
  • Avoid jaywalking: Only cross the streets at lit, marked crosswalks.
  • Watch the drivers: When you are approaching an intersection, it is wise to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you and guarantee you can cross the street safely.
  • Look up: Similar to avoiding digital distractions, don’t be distracted by your surroundings. Walking while looking at a curiously-shaped cloud or a building renovation can make you step on an icy patch and fall – perhaps into the street.

By following these tips, pedestrians can stay safe and avoid serious injury over the coming winter months. Something as simple as crossing the street can lead to catastrophe if not approached properly.