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Colorado man faces charges for arson and other violent crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2019 | Violent Crimes

Pueblo County deputies arrested a Colorado man for arson and attempted murder. These violent crimes charges concern an incident in which the 44-year-old man is accused of starting a house fire that could have caused the deaths of the occupants. Reportedly, the deputies were called to the scene of a burning house in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday.

The charges of attempted murder arose from the fact that three people were asleep in the house when the fire was allegedly started. Reportedly, one resident was awakened by the smoke but managed to escape through a door. The couple who were sleeping in another room say the other man’s coughing woke them and allowed them enough time to get out of the building through a rear window. Deputies allege the man was in the home earlier and left after becoming involved in an argument, only to return later.

According to the deputies, witnesses came forward who claimed to have seen the 44-year-old man carrying a gas container as he walked away from the burning building at approximately 3 a.m. The fire department arrived soon and extinguished the fire quickly. However, the building was condemned due to the level of fire damage that occurred.

The man was booked into the county jail on three counts, including first-degree arson, attempted first-degree murder and criminal mischief. However, he will remain innocent in the eyes of the law until and unless guilt is proved. Hiring a criminal defense attorney who has experience in dealing with cases that involve violent crimes in Colorado will be a sensible thing to do. Only if, and when, guilt on these charges is proved beyond a reasonable doubt can a conviction take place, and legal counsel will do whatever is reasonably possible to prevent that.