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Rear-end, auto-pedestrian accidents par for the course in snow

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Colorado winters can be harsh, and everybody who takes to the roads is vulnerable. This is the season in which not only auto-pedestrian accidents but also rear-end collisions and other types of crashes are prevalent. Drivers from other states who are used to milder winter weather might be wise to take precautions.

A police department spokesman says rear-end collisions are the most frequently reported crashes on snowy and icy roads. For this reason, he underscores the importance of keeping safe following distances. All vehicles take longer to stop on slick roads, and drivers must adjust their speed according to road and weather conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit. Following these two rules might prevent the need to slam on brakes, which could be catastrophic on ice-covered roads.

Another warning for out-of-state drivers in Colorado is to be particularly cautious on overpasses and bridges because these areas are known to form black ice, an invisible but deadly hazard. It is also wise to avoid powering up hills by applying extra gas because it will just make the vehicle’s wheels spin. Instead, build up a bit of speed in the approach to the hill and allow the momentum to take the car to the top, at which time it will be smart to slow down for going down the hill.

These are but a few safety tips for driving on Colorado roads in severe weather conditions, and certainly not enough to guarantee safety. As winter subsides, there are sure to be victims of auto-pedestrian accidents or other wrecks who have to deal with the financial consequences like mounting medical bills and lost wages. An experienced personal injury attorney could help them to recover damages through the civil justice system of the state.