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Criminal charges filed after pedestrian allegedly faked injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2019 | Criminal Law

A 39-year-old man who was recently arrested in Colorado Springs is now facing kidnapping, robbery and assault charges. He will likely recognize the severity of potential consequences in the event of a conviction on criminal charges and rely upon the support of experienced legal counsel. He was taken into custody following an incident on a recent Thursday.

Reportedly, a 23-year-old woman claims to have encountered the man limping in the street while holding his head and screaming for help. She says she was concerned and stopped to pick him up and rush him to a medical facility. However, the driver alleges that the man soon sat up and ordered her to stop the car, and this was when she realized that his injuries were fake and only a ploy to get her to stop.

The woman says she pulled off the road, grabbed the keys and tried to get out of the vehicle. A physical altercation ensued, and the driver of a passing ambulance stopped the fight. A police report indicates that the woman suffered bruising on her throat and collarbone. The man was arrested and locked up.

Anyone in Colorado confronting criminal charges will be well advised to secure legal counsel as soon as possible. Chances of the best possible outcome are better if an experienced criminal defense attorney can be present from the onset to protect the accused individual’s right throughout questioning and interviews with police. A lawyer can provide personalized representation and launch an independent investigation of the case. He or she can also scrutinize evidence against the client and address any problems in court while seeking the best possible outcome.