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3 suspects face criminal charges after an alleged shooting

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Criminal Law

Whenever anyone in Colorado is taken into custody, there will likely be a lot at stake. Facing criminal charges could threaten the accused person’s freedom and his or her legal rights. A conviction could cause severe damage to a person’s future and create barriers during loan and housing applications, career opportunities, and rights to freedom.

Such issues might be of concern to three individuals who were recently arrested after an alleged shooting incident in which another 26-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound and head injuries. A police report indicates that law enforcement responded after receiving a call early on a recent Sunday morning. The caller reported a shooting incident and described the vehicle the suspects used to flee the scene.

On their way to the alleged crime scene, officers spotted a vehicle that fit the description provided by the caller. After failing to get the driver to pull over, police say the suspects tried to get away, and a pursuit ultimately ended in a forceful stop. The occupants of the vehicle were arrested — two men and one woman ages 23, 20 and 35. All three now face charges that include assault, robbery and felony eluding.

Conviction on such criminal charges in Colorado could lead to jail time, and it might lead to the loss of employment, child custody or visitation rights, driver’s licenses, and more. For that reason, others in similar situations typically retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after the arrest. A lawyer who believes in the presumption of innocence can build a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome for the defendant.