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Multiple fraud allegations follow GoFundMe donations

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Criminal Law

Deputies from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office reportedly arrested a Colorado woman on a recent Friday. The arrest followed an investigation into allegations made by a man who contacted investigators of the county in July of last year. The man claimed that the woman committed fraud by scamming him and others into paying money into a GoFundMe account.

Investigators claim to have determined that the woman convinced acquaintances and friends to help her pay medical bills that had accumulated due to treatment for a variety of serious illnesses she had suffered. Reportedly, community members organized events to raise funds and established GoFundMe accounts. Investigators allege the defendant was given almost $20,000 to help her cover expenses.

Further allegations claim she gained access to the bank accounts of others, offering to manage the accounts, and then removing funds from the accounts without permission. The alleged amounts of these activities exceed $100,000, which she allegedly spent on herself. Investigators also allege that the defendant is perfectly healthy, and had no medical bills or illnesses as claimed. The allegations the woman face include theft, felony charitable fraud, felony identity theft, felony forgery and more

Anyone facing fraud charges in Colorado will likely recognize the severity of the situation, and the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can scrutinize the allegations and the evidence, along with the methods investigators used to obtain information. The law firm might even launch an independent investigation. The attorney can then devise a defense strategy to achieve the most favorable outcome for the defendant.