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Juvenile crimes: 15-year-old allegedly robbed stores at gunpoint

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Criminal Law

Law enforcement in Colorado Springs reported the recent arrest of a suspect in several armed robberies. Juvenile crimes involving weapons are serious felonies that can have life-changing consequences, and the alleged robber in these cases is a 15-year-old. He is facing several charges of aggravated robbery.

According to authorities, the juvenile was identified after his face was clearly visible on a surveillance video recording obtained last month. Reportedly, this was the fourth robbery of different convenience stores. Police allege the suspect in all four robberies wore a hoody, which was pulled tightly to conceal his face. They say he threatened the clerks at the cash registers by extending his arm inside his sweatshirt as if pointing a weapon.

The surveillance video reportedly shows the clerk at the fourth store piling the cash from the register into a shopping bag before handing it to the alleged robber. He was then seen running away from the store. These procedures were reportedly similar in the previous three robberies, leading to the police to suspect the same person in all four.

Any parent in Colorado who learns that his or her child is facing juvenile crimes charges will naturally be shocked and might be unsure of the best way to proceed. The child’s future could be in serious jeopardy, especially if the crimes charged are for violent felonies. The skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney are essential in such circumstances. A lawyer can scrutinize charges, evidence and police procedures before devising a defense strategy that will aim for the best possible outcome.