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Drug charges: Mother allegedly tried to get drugs to son in jail

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2018 | Drug Charges

Anybody who faces criminal charges in Colorado will likely be exploring their defense options. Any drug charges are typically regarded as serious, and prosecutors are usually determined to get convictions. A mother in Denver is facing multiple charges after her recent arrest.

An arrest report of the Special Enforcement Team of the Sterling Police Department states that a 64-year-old Denver woman was arrested in a McDonald’s parking lot. It is alleged that she met with an employee of the Colorado Department of Corrections. Investigators claim that the 31-year-old man is an officer at the Sterling Correctional Facility.

Further allegations say the woman’s son is an inmate at this facility, and she passed drugs to the prison guard who would, in turn, pass them on to her son. Both the mother and the guard are now facing several felony charges. These include controlled substance possession and the intent to distribute it. Also, both are charged with first-degree conspiracy to introduce contraband.

Anyone in Colorado who is facing drug charges may find that a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide answers about their constitutional rights and the available defense options. The lawyer can assess the circumstances and examine the evidence, along with the procedures followed to obtain the evidence and make the arrest. The lawyer can then raise appropriate legal challenges, focused on achieving a reduction in or outright dismissal of the pending charges. If circumstances warrant and a plea agreement is offered by the prosecution, the attorney will seek to negotiate the most favorable terms possible for his or her client.

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