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Drug charges filed against suspected marijuana smugglers

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Drug Charges

The drug task force of Weld County has been investigating a ring of marijuana smugglers for some time and reported more arrests. Some of those arrested already got court dates for drug charges, while others are waiting to be charged. Colorado authorities say the latest four arrests took place on a recent Wednesday evening.

The arrested individuals are all alleged members of a smuggling ring that is active in Greeley, Windsor and Frederick. It is suspected that several residences are rented for the cultivation of marijuana, which is then distributed in Colorado and other states. Reportedly, six search warrants were executed, yielding more than 3,300 marijuana plants and 460 pounds of marijuana ready for distribution.

Authorities estimate the value of both the plants and the finished marijuana at more than $5 million. It was noted that police suspect that some of the drugs are sold on the East Coast, where marijuana apparently sells for more than four times the price than in Colorado. Those already charged will face a variety of other charges along with cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

The people taken into custody are only suspected of the alleged crimes, and they will remain innocent until — and if — their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone in such a situation is entitled to seek legal counsel to handle the defense on his or her behalf. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will scrutinize the drug charges and the evidence, and he or she might even launch an independent investigation before devising a defense strategy in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

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