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In an accident’s wake: the role of legal counsel

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Think of this compelling irony associated with an insurance company for a moment.

Insurers are most successful only when they maximize their profits both in a collective sense and in a given case, right?

So why would they take pains to maximize your recovery as a covered accident victim when doing so would decidedly undercut their bottom line?

That reality — which we refer to as “sad, but true” on a relevant page of our website at the Colorado personal injury firm of Flesch & Beck Law — absolutely dictates that an accident victim injured as the result of third-party negligence look beyond an insurer for full compensation regarding a motor vehicle-related injury.

Unlike an insurance adjuster or other rep, who we note on our site brings “an unavoidable conflict of interest to any injury situation,” the loyalties of a legal advocate are crystal clear.

In a nutshell: A proven and impassioned personal injury attorney always acts in a manner that fully promotes the best interests of a client. It is incumbent, both in a moral and legal sense, for a lawyer to act with all due care in a client matter.

That due-care approach is a mantra for the attorneys at our Denver and Englewood offices. Although the end result of a legal case can never be guaranteed, what can be promised is a legal team’s resolute efforts to provide encompassing client service and to recover the maximum amount legally possible for damages.

Injury-related compensation is often relevant to many considerations, including medical bills, lost wages and future earnings, necessary rehabilitative therapy and additional factors.

We welcome readers’ contacts to discuss these and related issues. Our attorneys represent accident victims from across Metro Denver and other areas of Colorado.