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We Are Your Denver Lawyers

What Should I Say To The Insurance Company After An Accident?

Insurance company minimizing claim value

From the start, you should know that every insurance company (even your own) is looking to minimize your compensation. They are looking to protect their profits and balance that top priority with paying you just enough to satisfy you. However, if they think they can, they will work aggressively to either minimize your claim value to the furthest extent possible or outright deny your claim.

It benefits you to know how to protect the value of your case when speaking with insurance company representatives. If you don’t understand what they are trying to do — assigning fault for the injury to you — you may inadvertently sabotage your ability to fully recover the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills and other damages.

No matter what insurance representatives say, they can never truly be entirely on your side in the case of a personal injury. Only a trusted attorney can, and it advisable to speak with one of our lawyers before making any recorded statements.

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Do’s And Don’ts When Speaking With Insurance Company Representatives

Insurance company denying injury claim
  • Do make an injury claim as soon as possible.
  • Do tell them about the medical treatment you have received, your diagnosis and your prognosis.
  • Don’t make a recorded statement before talking to lawyer.
  • Don’t admit any sort of fault — apologizing or saying “sorry” may be taken as admission of fault, so avoid apologizing for anything.
  • Don’t make anything up.
  • Don’t assume things, such as the intentions of the insurance representative or other factors about the accident. Only talk about the facts.
  • Don’t get in a situation where statements aren’t consistent and therefore not credible.
  • Don’t make a statement if you are impaired at the time. You have the right to refuse to make a statement.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to resolve your case. Any case of value takes time to resolve due to the technical and sensitive nature of many of the issues involved.

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