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Auto Accidents / Jul 28,2021

Your health insurance deductible shouldn’t matter after a crash

Every day, car crashes occur around the state of Colorado. Many of them are just minor fender-benders that leave cosmetic damage to the vehicles, but some of them result in serious injury to the people in the vehicles involved. If you got hurt in a car crash, you need medical treatment. Unfortunately, quite a few people who have health insurance still feel like they can’t afford care.

Currently, the average individual deducible is over $4,000, and the average family deductible is over $8,000. That amount could represent several months’ worth of income at a time when you can’t even go to work because of your injuries. Thankfully, that deductible should not play a role in your decision to receive health care after a car crash.

Motor vehicle insurance, not your health policy, should cover your costs

Like in most states, car insurance in Colorado depends almost exclusively on fault. The policy of the person deemed responsible for causing the crash is the one that pays for everybody’s expenses.

When the other driver is at fault, that means their policy will pay for your medical bills and the damage to your vehicle. You should be able to count on at least $25,000 worth of medical coverage. Co-pays and deductibles usually don’t apply to claims made by a third party against a driver’s motor vehicle liability insurance policy.

Delaying care might mean you end up paying more out-of-pocket

Some people who get hurt in car crashes decide they would prefer to wait and see how they recover after a day or so before seeking care. That may seem like a practical response, but it is a potentially serious mistake.

The bigger the gap between when the crash occurred when a doctor sees you, the easier it will be for the other driver or their insurance company to claim that your injuries are not from the crash but from some other pause. If there is a dispute about when or how you got hurt, you might end up paying with your own insurance instead of being able to use the other driver’s policy.

Timely care and an appropriate insurance claim can help protect you from financial losses after a serious car crash.

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