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Injuries / Aug 31,2016

Labor Day in Colorado: 3 Fun Facts and 1 Deadly Statistic

Summer is coming to a close this long Labor Day weekend, and with the extra day off comes lots of fun activity. The first Monday of September every year is a time to relax, so kick your feet up and read these fun facts – pay attention to the final statistic to help keep you and your family safe during the upcoming flurry of activities and fun.

1. Colorado: Labor Day Trailblazer

Colorado was among the first five states to adopt the Labor Day holiday. Back in 1885, small municipalities across the nation began to celebrate Labor Day, and soon states began to take legislative action to make it an official holiday. Oregon was the first in Feb. 1887, and soon after in March followed Colorado, then Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

2. Denver Among Top Labor Day Destinations

According to a 2015 report from travel website Hipmunk, Denver is a hot Labor Day destination! A trip to Denver was second behind only Chicago as top places to go for the weekend, beating out New York City. The average cost of a trip was just $898, including airfare and a three-night hotel stay. It’s no wonder – Denver hosts plenty of exciting events during the holiday weekend like A Taste of Colorado, Denver Food + Wine Festival, live music, art festivals, and of course barbeques!

3. Power to the American Worker

Labor Day isn’t just an extra day to sleep in – the holiday was originally created to honor all the hard work American people do. After Colorado and other states enacted Labor Day, Congress finally make Labor Day a legal holiday in the rest of the states and District of Columbia. There’s even a dispute over who really invented the holiday – Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire. McGuire, who co-founded the American Federation of Labor, was first in records to introduce the idea, but still others insist machinist Maguire thought up the holiday first. Whoever did, it stands as a great reminder of the people who make our country strong and prosperous.

4. A Deadly Statistic

Motor vehicle deaths are up nearly 10% in 2016, with no sign of decreasing. Because of this alarming trend, the National Safety Commission is projecting its highest death toll for the three-day weekend since back in 2008 – 438 people are estimated to be killed nationally during Labor Day weekend. Motor vehicle deaths are also up 18% compared to two years ago, and the upward trend has been increasing since 2014.

How do you avoid the risk and keep your loved ones safe? The National Safety Council recommends the following actions:

  • Drivers AND passengers always wear seat belts
  • Don’t drive overly tired
  • Don’t use a phone when you’re in the driver’s seat
  • Always arrange for a designated driver or taxi to get you home safe

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