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Auto-pedestrian Accidents / Apr 06,2021

Distracted driving and dooring lead to many cycling crashes

Since the weather is getting nicer, it’s going to be normal to see more cyclists on the road. Cyclists may be commuting to work or enjoying a casual ride, but in any situation, they have a right to be on the roads.

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t pay attention to cyclists or pedestrians who may be around them, even though those people are at a greater risk of injury if they’re hit. In some cases, crashes lead to fatal injuries, so it’s vital that drivers start making changes that help them pay closer attention.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of cycling incidents

Distracted driving is a leading cause of cycling collisions. Drivers may not be paying attention to the road, so they don’t notice a cyclist in the bicycle lane that they suddenly merge into. They might not see that a cyclist is passing through the intersection and hit them as they blow a red light.

Drivers who text and drive, eat behind the wheel, drink and drive or who are drowsy all put cyclists at risk.

Dooring crashes are completely preventable

Another serious type of crash to watch out for is a dooring crash. Dooring crashes are totally preventable, yet they happen often.

In a dooring crash, a driver or passenger suddenly opens their door into a cyclist’s path. If the cyclist doesn’t have enough time to stop, they may hit the door head-on, which could throw them from their bicycle and into the roadway and cause severe injuries from the impact with the door.

If the cyclist is able to swerve out of the way, they may avoid immediate injury. Unfortunately, doing this often puts them in harm’s way, since there may be traffic in the other lane.

You deserve support if you’ve been hit by a car while riding your bike

Anyone who has been hit by a car while riding a bike deserves support. They may have life-changing injuries from this accident, and they deserve to have the financial support that they need to get the best medical care. They may need to have their wages replaced or to pay for other expenses while recovering, which is why it’s important to hold the reckless or negligent driver responsible for their actions.

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