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Injuries to stay-at-home parents cause more than medical bills

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Injuries

Those hurt by another party can potentially file insurance claims and even civil lawsuits. The law allows those impacted by the illegal behavior or negligence of others to ask for financial compensation for the losses they suffer.

Personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims often focus on certain, easily-verifiable financial losses. Property damage, medical costs and lost income are often the biggest expenses someone will have after a car crash or a slip-and-fall incident at a business. However, focusing on the purely economic impact of an injury could be a short-sighted approach.

For some people, there will be no wage reduction because of an injury, as they already have very little or no income. Still, their injuries could lead to economic consequences. Homemaking spouses and stay-at-home parents can easily get hurt in car crashes and incidents at dangerous facilities. While they may not have a lost paycheck to claim, their inability to support the family still has an economic impact.

Unpaid services still have financial value

Stay-at-home parents contribute thousands of dollars in service each year. Just because someone performs work around the home without expectation of pay does not mean their services are without financial value. Based on 2019 economic estimates, a stay-at-home parent contributes nearly $180,000 worth of work to the household every year.

If the other parent needs to pick up the slack because one parent gets hurt or if the family needs to hire someone to support the injured parent or the children, then the financial value of those uncompensated services becomes much more obvious. Your family can potentially include the cost of replacing someone’s unpaid labor in a personal injury claim.

Maximizing compensation helps protect the whole family

While it may be true that your family has the resources to cover the costs of bringing in a professional caregiver or the social support to get help without incurring costs, you should not overlook the economic value of unpaid household contributions.

Only by carefully considering the holistic impact of an injury on the family can you request an appropriate amount of compensation. Maximizing what you request in a personal injury claim will give you room to compromise and will help prevent your family from struggling financially in the future.