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Missing a bumper? That’s a hazard

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Auto Accidents

You may have seen vehicles without bumpers on the road in the past. If you have, you are probably like many other people who also think, “What is this person thinking?” Without a bumper, there isn’t as much impact absorption during a collision. As a result, the people inside that vehicle, as well as those in others, could be hurt worse than if the bumper was in place.

A bumper’s role on a vehicle is to absorb impact as much as possible. The rear bumper, for example, absorbs a rear-end crash’s impact to reduce how far the vehicle is pushed forward and the force with which you’re thrown back and forward.

A front bumper doesn’t play exactly the same role. Instead, it’s designed to reduce the severity of a car crash by crumpling and absorbing as much force as possible. There may also be sensors under or around the bumper that trigger your airbags.

Why is it important to replace a bumper after a crash?

If you don’t replace a front or rear bumper after a crash, even if the crash was minimal, there is a risk that you could be involved in a more serious collision in the future. If you hit someone or are hit from the rear or front and have no bumper, the main cabin will absorb all the force of the collision. This could lead to more serious injuries among all passengers.

When do you need to replace a bumper?

It’s not just after a serious crash that a bumper needs to be replaced. A bumper should be repaired or replaced whenever it is cracked. A crack could show that its integrity has been damaged, so it may not work as intended.

If you notice damaged or broken hooks, then it may be time to replace the bumper, too. Hooks can’t be replaced without replacing the entire bumper, and those are required to help hold the bumper in place.

So, thinking about those you see on the roads, you’re right. It’s not safe to drive without a bumper or with one that is badly damaged. It’s always the right choice to seek help with vehicle maintenance if a vehicle is showing damage or a bumper comes loose.